SEXY muscles – Aly Dallas & Dani Reardon vids added! Plus new Awefilms vids at


Naughty Nuriye flexing HUGE muscle at


Junell Robinson – Pec Power and more – HUGE, RIPPED muscle!

Gorgeous sexy muscles! New video clips of Dani Reardon 2 and Alyson Dallyson 3 have been added to the HDPhysiques members section!  If you love biceps, wow, you’re in for a treat here. Aly and Dani have both put on a ton of muscle this year and look amazing while flexing and posing their rock hard guns!

Then, head over to the Awefilms Studio at, the FemaleMuscleStore, where you’ll find 2 new videos posted from Awefilms featuring the MASSIVE MUSCLES of Nuriye Evans and Junell Robinson – HUGE and MASSIVE MUSCLE!

4 New members section vids of Aly Dallas and Lisa Grasso

Today, check out the new videos added to the pages of the gorgeous Alyson Dallyson 3 and ultra-ripped and shredded Lisa Grasso. OMG, the glutes, the legs, the forearms, the biceps…. these girls are just out of control with phenomenal muscle! Also stay tuned for another hot new model coming on Friday. We’ve got some phenomenal shoots under our belts here lately, and we can’t wait to show off all these hot new muscle girls here at HDPhysiques! JOIN NOW!