It’s a TREMENDOUS Day at HDP! New Vids of Maria Barba Plus TONS of Bonus Media Content!

Valentina Mishina looking CRAZY ripped! JOIN NOW for exclusive backstage and stage coverage of this incredible event!

Hey fellas!  It’s a wonderful day here at HDPhysiques!   First of all, we’ve got a bunch of new clips and photo galleries coming to our page from the 2018 Champions of Power & Grace, from Raleigh, NC.   The new page kicks off with the first 5 clips, but we have over 60 more to go!   Plus the first 3 galleries have over 150 photos, with over 300 more to come as well!   When completed, it will have a massive amount of content from both stage coverage as well as exclusive behind the scenes backstage access to the pump room and more.   Check it out – as it has some of the greatest names in WPD history – Katie Lee, Melissa Pearo, Alli Schmohl, Jill “The Oreo” Diorio, Valentina Mashina and many many more!

On the model pages today, we added a nice 2 minute clip of the stunning WPD pro and recently added new model, Maria Barba from LV.   OMG!!!  Amazing physique and rock hard muscle with tremendous vascularity!  Check out her new clip today!

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Gorgeous, RIPPED, and powerful! What more can you want! New model Maria Barba now available – JOIN HDPhysiques today!

5 Members Area Vids Added Today – New Model Coming Monday!

Join NOW for Kaitie Hart 2, the ultimate muscle beast!

Join NOW for Kaitie Hart 2, the ultimate muscle beast!

Hey gang, we’ve got a SWEET 5 video update for you today, since we are in Miami covering the NPC Nationals this weekend.  Our next model will be on Monday when we are back in the office.

First up on the page for the 2018 Omaha Pro, Alli Schmohl is pumping up and looking more massive and ripped than ever!  Then, on the Measurements 2 page, we’ve got recent measurement clips of Beefnuggette Paige Sandgren & Christina Bashara from our 2018 Wildhorse Trio Power shoot.   Then, check out the new clips on the individual pages of Blakelee OrtegaKaitie Hart 2, and Paula Francis – physique, figure, and bodybuilder – a little something for everyone!

Enjoy this incredible update and remember to take advantage of our NPC Nationals PROMO (see our previous update) and get up to 7 free videos from HDPhysiques.TV, the Female Muscle Store!

Get the measurements of these 3 mass monsters today on the Measurements 2 page!

Get the measurements of these 3 mass monsters today on the Measurements 2 page!

New videos of NEW PRO FBB Tarna Alderman & HDP’s very own Allison Schmohl!

New videos on the pages of Tarna Alderman 2 and HDPhysiques sponsored athlete, Allison Schmohl, plus 3 new galleries on the Tarna Alderman 2 page. You’ll be amazed at all this beautiful muscle! JOIN HDPhysiques now and don’t miss any of this incredible content!

New videos of HDP Athlete Allison Schmohl – HUGE ARMS!

If you’re a fan of beautiful young women with enormous biceps…look no further than the stunning model page for HDPhysiques-sponsored athlete Allison Schmohl! Wow, those guns have got to be seen to be believed! Enjoy these hot 2 hot new videos on her page, and then get ready for another video update and new muscle model coming on Friday. It’s been a HOT summer at HDPhysiques! Also, if you are looking for even more Alli Schmohl, remember, you can find more of her on our sister site,!

Clips of Rachael Loftis & Sandra Lombardo added – JOIN HDPhysiques now!

Today we added new clips on the pages of Rachael Loftis 3 and Sandra Lombardo, both physique pros. We also added 2 new galleries on the Allison Schmohl, one of HDPhysiques sponsored athletes and NEW IFBB Pro! Be sure to JOIN HDPhysiques today, and don’t miss our latest STUNNING muscle model coming on Friday!

New Dani Reardon vid at and PremiumPhysiques adds more vids!


Get Dani’s new video at!


Tanya Hyde works her HUGE back and biceps at


Check out the amazing PEAKS of Alli Schmohl at – JOIN NOW!








Just to keep you up to date on what’s going on at some of our sister sites… just added 2 new videos of some huge muscle power! First, on the Katie Lee and Tanya Hyde at AussieFit Gym page, you’ll see a super impressive clip of Tanya doing pullups showing off her amazing power, then some sexy flexing. Next up… biceps peak princess Allison Schmohl flexing her CRAZY HOT biceps peaks on the page of Katie Lee and Allison Schmohl – BICEPS BATTLE, the weekend that Alli won her pro card at Jr. USA’s. Thank you for showing your support by joining! Then, over at the by, there’s another amazing new video in the Dani Reardon Studio, flexing in CRAZY HOT contest shape – vascular and ripped beyond belief!

HDPhysiques posts new vids of Tish Shelton, Alli Schmohl, & Tarna Alderman

Today, HDPhysiques added 2 new videos on the page for Tarna Alderman 2, as well as new clips on the pages of HDPhysiques sponsored athlete, Allison Schmohl, and the sexy southerner, Tish Shelton. Enjoy this awesome update! We hope that you are enjoying and appreciating the newly re-designed!