NEW MODEL – well…. Kinda! Click here for info on today’s new Updates!

Today, HDPhysiques is proud to announce that we found the video footage of Jennie Schram from our 2017 North Americans shoot a few weeks back!  We already featured her as a new model, about a month ago…. but we called it a “photos-only” shoot…. because we misplaced the video footage.  BUT – the good news is… we found it in the wrong place on a hard drive…. LOL.  So…. we are doing this update with 5 new videos on the Jennie Schram model page, plus we have added a new BONUS MEDIA page for our coverage of the 2017 Olympia, starring Katie Lee & Sarena Berish (Irina Berishnikov).  Enjoy – and stay tuned for new vids and pics coming soon in just a few days!