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Hey gang, we just wanted to do a periodic update for you about what’s the latest happenings at our sister sites, the HDPhysiques.TV Clips Store, and the site for our sponsored athletes, PremiumPhysiques.com!

First of all, in the Brooke Torrance Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV, we have a brand new video of Torrance featuring her impressive MEASUREMENTS, in addition to punishing her body with a grueling biceps and chest workout!   This all makes for an outstanding new video – get it today and show your support to Brooklyn!    Also, at HDPhysiques.TV, the Female Muscle Store, there’s another new entry from our friends over at Muscle Beauties!  The new video featuring gorgeous “Behr” is a must get!

Then, over at our sister site PremiumPhysiques.com we’ve got a brand new page featuring sponsored athlete Carli “T-Rep” Terepka, in EXTREME ripped contest shape!  Carli at the Tampa Pro 2 Page is the best yet that Carli has ever looked…. and we’ve got lots of video on the way from this shoot.  The first 4 clips and 3 photo galleries are up now.   Join PremiumPhysiques now!   Or…. remember, you can join HDP and PP at the same time with our combo membership and save over $5.00 a month!   Just click the “opt-in” box for the add-on to PremiumPhysiques!

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Gorgeous “Behr” is the latest model in the Muscle Beauties Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – Get it today!

Carli is ripped and shredded in her BRAND NEW Shoot page at PremiumPhysiques.com – JOIN today with the HDP/PP combo membership to save $5.00/month!