NEW MODEL – Sensational Muscular Figure Champion Desiree Alfares!

Showing off an incredible V-taper, one can also be amazed by her tremendous quads and delts, too! JOIN NOW for Dez Alfares!

We’ve got a HOT new model today, folks!   Shot just recently at the 2020 New York Pro (in Tampa due to COVID-19), we feature the stunningly gorgeous and super ripped IFBB Pro Figure athlete, Desiree Alfares.    She looked absolutely amazing on this “morning after” shoot at sunrise.   We got some sexy still photos and some sizzlin’ video.  She’s a natural when it comes to sexy video posing…. so you’re gonna be sure to love this footage.   Her new model page features 4 clips, 2 galleries, and the usual free still photos.  Enjoy!

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She’s great at sexy posing on video, folks! JOIN HDPhysiques now and see for yourself!