NEW MODEL – Say hello to the gorgeous Delaney Smallwood! June Promo for FREE VIDEOS Continue!

Gorgeous, tall, and muscular - join HDPhysiques now for the lovely Delaney Smallwood!

Gorgeous, tall, and muscular – join HDPhysiques now for the lovely Delaney Smallwood!

We have “new model Thursday” this week, instead of Friday…. because we are heading out to cover the 2018 NPC Jr. Nationals in Chicago.  But we are sure you won’t mind getting this HOT NEW MODEL a day early, right?   Check out the new Delaney Smallwood Model Page for the first 3 photo galleries, and first 4 videos of this beautiful figure girl, who is hoping to go pro this weekend in Chicago.

Plus, with all these great models we’ve been releasing lately…. remember, it would be a great opportunity to take advantage of combo memberships with PremiumPhysiques, so that you can take advantage of our June Summer Kickoff Promotion and get 2 or more, FREE VIDEOS from HDPhysiques.TV!   Here’s the details on the promo!

Buy ANY 3 videos from any mix of studios at HDPhysiques.TV, the FemaleMuscleStore, and get 2 free videos of your choice (of equal or similar price).  OR, Purchase and memberships as outlined below….  BUT….. you have to follow the instructions below in order to redeem your free videos…. so pay attention!

  1. – Make your purchase like normal, at HDPhysiques.TV, the FemaleMuscleStore;  OR , Buy a 3 month subscription at OR,  OR, buy a combo membership of BOTH HDPhysiques and PremiumPhysiques for any duration!
  2. – Upon successfully downloading your videos (or accessing the members area of HDP and/or PremiumPhysiques), then FORWARD US your CCBill email receipt, along with telling us the EXACT TITLE of the 2 free videos you’d like.  Please do not use abbreviations or generalize (i.e. – Brooke’s new video)…. you must use EXACT TITLES.
  3. – Give us 24-48 hours to process your request.
  4. – You can repeat this procedure (buying 3 videos, redeeming 2 free) as many times as you’d like between now and June 30th…. so take advantage while it lasts
  5. – Yes, you can combine multiples into 1 order.  For instance…. buy 6 videos, get 4 free!   Buy 12 videos, get 8 free!