New MASSIVE Katie Lee Biceps Video in Contest Shape now at HDPhysiques.TV


HUGE, MASSIVE, POWERFUL Muscle!  Get the new clip at Katie Lee's Clips Store TODAY!

HUGE, MASSIVE, POWERFUL Muscle! Get the new clip at Katie Lee’s Clips Store TODAY!

Fans of Biceps MEGA-GODDESS Katie Lee will be thrilled with the latest product that she just released in her Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!  Filmed recently at the Chicago Pro by Hannah Ross of HDPhysiques, Katie is looking even BETTER than she did in Omaha.  Absolutely mind-blowing muscle, served up with that sexy posing and beautiful looks.  What more can you ask for!  Get the new “Huge Muscles in the Hot Chicago Sun” video now at the Katie Lee Peak Power Studio!

Also, remember that one of America’s favorite physique competitors, former gymnast, and Katie Lee rival Peak Freak, Allison Schmohl now has a new video in her “Alli and her BIG 16’s Clips Studio“.   Here, Alli shows off her amazingly ripped physique the day after her great finish at last weekend’s 2017 Chicago Pro Show.  While not quite in the top 5, Alli proved that she belongs on a top Pro Quality Stage and showed off the killer improvements she has made in her physique this past off-season.  Rockin’ her trademark biceps, ripped quads, thick triceps, and deep-cut abs, Alli is simply at her best here – get this HOT video today!