New Borland Videos Plus 6 New Galleries of Teixeira, Baugh, & More!

Ashley Howells was RIPPED at the 2019 Pitt Pro. Find this quick shoot on the “Quick Shoots 1” page in the Bonus Media area! Click here to JOIN NOW!

It’s a BIG Weekend update today, folks!   (And for those waiting on the usual “new model Friday”, we got our next model coming on Tues…. we are just doing some finishing touches on the video editing…. so sit tight!).    First up, we’ve got 2 new video clips of the super sexy recently added Tabitha Borland!   She’s a sexy flexer and knows how to show off that hard earned muscle!

Next up, we’ve got photo galleries added on a BUNCH of pages.   First up, on a page that we haven’t updated in YEARS…. on the “Quick Shoots 1” page in the Bonus Media section, you’ll find new photo galleries for Ashley Howells from the 2019 Pittsburgh Pro, as well as a BTS photo gallery from the 2018 NPC Nationals.   Then after that, on the model pages, we’ve got 1 new gallery on the page of Bikini Olympia Champion, Angelica Teixeira, and 1 new gallery on the page of WPD/Bodybuilder, Ginger Root.   Finally, on the page of SUPER RIPPED Physique competitor, Jonquil Baugh, we’ve added 2 more galleries of ROCK HARD Muscle!

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Some of the most impressive and vascular arms we have ever shot! Join now for 2 new galleries of Jonquil Baugh!

Angelica and her sexy saxophone! JOIN NOW for the world class bikini competitor, Angelica Teixeira!