Important Info & Updates for, HDP.TV, & PremiumPhysiques – CLICK HERE!

The massive quads of Rachael Loftis – yet another reason to make sure your membership at HDP is up to date!

Hey gang, just a quick heads up on what’s going on here at HDPhysiques!    First, a quick announcement that our new model this week will be delayed a few days, as we are in the middle of re-doing our home office, in order to upgrade computers and increase our efficiency.  It will allow us to bring more content to you more quickly!   So, please be patient, as we will need just another 2-3 days before we are back up to full operating capacity, and resuming our normal updates.   When we resume on Monday (or possibly Tues), we will have a new model, as well as additional video clip updates to keep you happy!

Over on PremiumPhysiques, we recently had new clip updates featuring Stephanie Marie, Carli Terepka, Brooke Walker, & more!    And the great news is, we’ve got a BRAND NEW model coming to PremiumPhysiques in the next few days.  Stay tuned – she’s a HOT ONE!!!

Over on HDPhysiques.TV, we’ve got new clips featuring Katie Lee & Carli Terepka – with much more coming soon from Brooke Walker, Katie Lee, & Krivs Studios!

Thanks for your patience as we get these new computers and production capabilities up to speed!  We appreciate your support – thank you for JOINING!