Check out the Recent Happenings at PP & HDTV! – New Katie Lee & Beefnuggette!

Click here to head over to PremiumPhysiques for the BRAND NEW Katie Lee in Raleigh page – HUGE BICEPS!

Hey gang, just a quick heads up regarding what’s going on over at our sister sites,, and HDPhysiques.TV.

First up, it’s time to GET THAT COMBO MEMBERSHIP (remember if you “opt-in” to join PremiumPhysiques at the same time as you join HDPhysiques, you’ll save up to $7.00/month!!!), because PremiumPhysiques just launched a new page of Katie Lee in Raleigh, NC.   Katie is in contest shape here, and is BIGGER and more ripped than ever!

Then, over at the Female Muscle Store, by HDPhysiques.TV, you’ll see a brand new clip in the Beefnuggette Clips Studio, where Paige Beefnuggette” Sandgren powers thru an intense training session, pumping biceps, triceps, and quads… and then Christina Bashara takes Beefnuggette’s MEASUREMENTS!   Support Nuggs by purchasing her latest clip.  At the clips store, your purchases go directly to the models and they appreciate your support!

Thank you for supporting HDPhysiques and our related sites!

Bashara takes MEASUREMENTS of Paige “Beefnuggette” Sandgrens huge arms. Get the LATEST video in the Beefynuggs Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!