NEW MODEL PAGE ADDED – Super Shredded and Ripped – Emily Schubert 2 Now Available!

Alexis Sullivan joins NEW MODEL Emily Schubert 2 in a fantastic double hottie shoot from the Legions Sports Fest – join HDP now for this amazing shoot – both pics and vids!

Hey Hey Hey, fellas!   Let’s kick off the week the right way.   Check out the BRAND NEW Model Page for the stunningly ripped and ultra-vascular Womens Physique Competitor, the lovely Olympian, Emily Schubert!   On the new Emily Schubert 2 model page, you’ll see our latest shoot with her, shot just 1 week after her Olympia appearance, at the Legions Sports Festival!   This was a short, yet sensational shoot, because Emily brought a physique that only hardcore muscle fans will like.   And we know we have lots of hardcore muscle fans out there!   What do we mean that that…. only hardcore fans will like?    Well, that’s because Emily brings a level of conditioning to the table that can only be described as “freaky”.   And that’s a great thing here at HDPhysiques!   Her new model page kicks off with the first 4 members area videos, as well as 2 members area photo galleries, along with some sample photos.   Be sure to JOIN HDPhysiques to check this out today!

Also, remember, we just released the STUNNING Part 4 of Brooke Walker’s “Crazy Contest Prep” video series, over in Brooke’s Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV, the Female Muscle Store.  This one must be seen to be believed!   Literally the perfect WPD Specimen – get it today and show Brookie your support!

Crazy Arms! Get the newest video in the Brooke Walker “Crazy Contest Prep” files, now available in her Clips Studio!

3 Vids & 4 Galleries Added to the HDP Members Area – Another NEW Model Later This Week!

Awesome Megan loves flexing for her fans! See the new video with all upper body action in today’s update!

It’s a busy time of year at HDP HQ!   New shoots starting up this week, plus the continual amazing updates at HDP, PP, and HDPTV!   Today, here at HDPhysiques, the members area has been updated with a hot upper body flexing video of the incredible Megan Beck, plus some bonus media coverage backstage at the 2020 Omaha Pro.  Then, for still photo galleries, we’ve got new galleries added on the pages of the 2017 North Americans and the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival.

Also be sure to check out the brand new clip added over at HDPhysiques.TV featuring the MEGA-CALVES Queen Steph Koerber!   In the “Steph K’s Crazy Calves” Studio, you’ll see the new video, part 4, of her Corner Gym series, which show off her massive leg and upper body strength!

There were some BIG meaty girls on stage – JOIN NOW for our coverage from the 2019 Arnold!

NEW Steph K video now available in her studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

New Jess Falborn Model Page – Ultra RIPPED Contest Shape Muscle – JOIN NOW!

Look at that RIPPED Vascularity!!! JOIN NOW for the awesome Jess Falborn!

You guys are really gonna love the ALL NEW Model Page for Jess Falborn!   This shoot, from DMV Iron Gym in Alexandria VA, shows Jess in her leanest and most ripped conditioning yet, near contest shape, and you simply won’t believe the vascularity, the shreds, and the ALL NEW Muscle size that she is sporting!   On the new Jess Falborn 3 page, you’ll see the first 4 members area videos, along with with the first 3 photo galleries, along with the usual assortment of free sample content.   Lots of hot new content coming to this page, folks!

Also, remember to check out the incredible new clip in Beefnuggette’s clips studio over at HDPhysiques.TV, the Female Muscle Store!   Nuggs, in sexy lingerie and while in ripped contest shape – it doesn’t get much better than that, folks!

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RIPPED and SEXY – All new Beefnuggette video available in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV – get it today and show your support!

Big Update! New Bonus Media Page Added – 6 New Vids Added + 2 Galleries

Gorgeous Skylar Lanier leads the top bikini pros on stage at the 2022 Optimum Classic!

Hey gang – it’s a big update today here at HDPhysiques, as we’ve added a new Bonus Media page for the 2022 Optimum Classic – which is always one of our favorite shows of the year.   Featuring not only sexy bikini pros, but also the biggest and most ripped Womens Physique Competitors, this show is always one that leaves us with our jaws dropped at the stellar display of athlete feminine muscle on display in Shreveport.    On the new 2022 Optimum Classic page, you’ll see the first 4 members area videos (over 30 to come!), plus 2 photo galleries of some of the hottest girls on stage you’ll ever see!    Plus, on the page of the 2021 STL Pro Show, we’ve also added 2 additional videos as well, one from backstage and one featuring some WPD action on stage.

Thank you for joining HDP!   Remember to join with the HDP/PP Combo membership to see the best of both sites!   We’ve got some new Natalia Coelho coming soon to PremiumPhysiques, fresh off of her Olympia win!

Tons of HOT muscle on and off stage at the STL Pro – See the new clips in today’s update!

NEW Model Kelly Williams Added Plus New Clips of Syd McGhee & Gess Campbell!

New model Kelly Williams has some impressive biceps! JOIN NOW for more!

We have a hot update for you today here at HDPhysiques!    First up, for video clips, we’ve added a new clip on the page of super gorgeous and young fitness model Sydney McGhee, where she’s training her perfectly shaped quads in the gym.   And then…. for ULTRA-MEGA SIZED quads, check out the new clip added on the page of the sexy brazillian Gessica Campbell!   And then, finally, check out the latest model added…. a rising star in Womens Physique, the lean and muscular Kelly Williams from the STL area.

Stay tuned for more updates on the way later this week!  Thank you for joining HDPhysiques!   And be sure to check out the latest hot pics and vids of gorgeous Kaitie Hart over at, our sister site!

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Awesome Update featuring Julia Foery, Angelita Lopez, Devyn Cambre & More!

Doesn’t get any better than this, folks! JOIN NOW for astonishingly powerful videos of massive FBB Julia Foery!

We’ve got an excellent update here today folks – a little something for everybody!   If you’re a fan of super ripped FIGURE competitors….. check out the new video added on the page of IFBB Pro Angelita Lopez!    Then, if you’re a fan of seeing amateurs do battle on stage, see the 2 new clips added on the page of the 2021 STL Pro Show…. womens physique competitors looking great representing the midwest!   Then, for fans of the new wellness division (massive glutes and leg muscles!!!), check out the final photo gallery added on the page of recently added model, Devyn Cambre!   And finally, for fans of the MASS MONSTERS….. 2 new clips of the incomparable European Pro Female Bodybuilder, Julia Foery!

Also – remember to check out the latest over at HDPhysiques.TV, the female muscle store!   Last week a jaw-dropping new video of Brooke Walker was added, and her abs will absolutely wow you!   Get it today in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio and show Brooke your support!

Brooke might have the MOST INSANE abs we’ve ever videod! Get her latest video in the Brooke Walker Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio at HDPhysiques TV and don’t miss any of the sizzlin’ hot action! Show Brooke some support!

NEW MODEL – Maria Barba WPD Pro in 4K Resolution – MEGA MUSCLE HOT!

Gorgeous, RIPPED, and powerful! What more can you want! New model Maria Barba now available – JOIN HDPhysiques today!

Hey fellas – we’ve got a FABULOUS update/new model to release this weekend!   If you’re in the mood for insanely RIPPED conditioning and vascularity, and some of the hottest muscle in the IFBB Pro Womens Physique ranks…. you’re gonna LOVE the brand new model page for Maria “CeCi” Barba!   On the new Maria Barba Model Page, you’ll see the first 4 of many videos in the members area, plus 3 stunning hot photo galleries, along with the usual assortment of free preview samples.   We were super impressed when we first saw her at the 2022 Optimum Classic, and then when we followed up a few weeks later, here at the Dragon’s Lair Gym in Las Vegas, we couldn’t believe how amazingly ripped and powerful she was in the gym that day!   A world class athlete AND fitness model!   She looks truly stunning when flexing this high level pro physique.   We hope to see more big things from her in 2023 and going forward!

Remember to JOIN with a combo membership with PremiumPhysiques!    We have all new Kaitie Hart coming soon at PP, in addition to all new Beefnuggette, and all new Julia DiPompeo!   So, with all these amazing new updates coming at both HDPhysiques and PremiumPhysiques, you definitely don’t want to miss out on BOTH sites – it’s getting exciting this offseason, folks!   Some major female muscle talent on the way at HDPhysiques and related properties!

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BIG UPDATE! New Clips JULIA FOERY & More Added Plus Big Bonus Media Update

NEW video of stunning Syd McGhee – the ultimate girl next door with muscles! JOIN NOW for more!

Today, we’ve got an awesome update for you folks!   We are kicking the week off the right way!   First up, one of the greatest biceps clips you’ll see on the site, or any site, for that matter.   Check it out…. Julia Foery in contest shape flexing her ENORMOUS biceps showing off enormous size and power!   Next up, for fans of the “girl next door cuties with muscle”…. you’re gonna love the new upper body flexing clip of Sydney McGhee!    And then, recently added model Lexi “Lame Sauce” Lamey with another new gallery on her page!   Then, head over to the Bonus Media section for some blast from the past contest coverage.   We’ve got 3 more galleries added on the page of the 2017 Phoenix Europa Games, featuring Ariel Khadr and other top fitness pros!    Then, check out the next 2 galleries added on the page of the 2017 North Americans.

Enjoy this amazing update, and also be sure to check out the latest added over at PremiumPhysiques, featuring ALL NEW content of the NEW Miss Olympia, Natalia Coelho!   Join with our combo membership to save $8/month!

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ALL NEW at our sister site, PremiumPhysiques, Natalia Coelho – Miss Physique Olympia 2022 – JOIN with our combo membership to save $8.00/month and get the best of both sites!

Meet NEW MODEL Megan Beck – National Level Womens Physique Competitor!

Megan Beck – the newest model at HDPhysiques – stunning! JOIN TODAY!

MUSCULAR POWERHOUSE!   That’s the only way to describe the latest hot model added here at HDPhysiques!   Megan Beck is an up & coming superstar in Womens Physique as she has been rising in the ranks of the NPC’s WPD category.    We recently caught up with her at the 2022 NPC Nationals, just last month in Orlando FL.   She did an outstanding job on this shoot and looked incredible.   On the NEW Megan Beck Model Page, please check out the first 4 videos posted, plus the 2 members area photo galleries, and the usual assortment of free samples.   More vids on the way soon!    We have no doubt you’ll find Megan as impressive as we did.  And…..she just LOOOOKS STRONG.   She has a certain density and thickness to her muscle that goes beyond the measurements.  Hence…. a muscular powerhouse!

Thanks for joining HDPhysiques!   Please remember to also check out the latest at HDPhysiques.TV where we just launched another astonishingly HUGE LEGS video of IFBB Figure Pro, Steph Koerber!   Check it out in the Steph K’s Crazy Calves Clips Studio!

The INSANELY HUGE legs of Steph Koerber! Get her latest video in the Steph K’s Crazy Calves Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

Update with 3 Galleries, 2 New Vids, and New Model Jess Cazer!

Beautiful Jess Cazer is our latest model – JOIN NOW for 3 new members galleries!

Hey gang – we hope your new year is off to a good start!    We’ve got a nice late week update with more on the way early next week.  First up, a new model page with 3 members area galleries for the lovely Jessica Cazer, a Brooke Walker protoge’ out of mid-Arkansas.   Lovely looks and hot muscle!   Then…. for some videos, we’ve got 2 new clips added on the page from the 2021 Optimum Classic in Shreveport, LA.   Womens Physique competitors on stage doing their thing!

Also, be sure to check out the latest updates at PremiumPhysiques!   We recently added some super sexy lingerie galleries of the stunning Beefnuggette in contest shape!   Join with the HDP/PP Combo membership and save up to $8.00/month with your monthly memberships!

SUPER HOT Lingerie photoshoot of Beefnuggette now available at PremiumPhysiques – JOIN NOW with our combo membership and see the BEST of both HDP and PP!