BIG UPDATE – 7 Vids, 4 Galleries Added on the 2019 STL Pro Page!

Brooke Walker looking “Literally Perfect” – JOIN NOW for our coverage of the 2019 STL Pro!

Hey gang – we’ve got an incredible new bonus media page to unveil – our coverage of the 2019 STL Pro Show!   If you’re a fan of the ultimate in Women’s Physique (Natalia Coelho, Brooke Walker, Penpraghai Tiagncok, and more), plus IFBB Pro Figure and those perfect Bikini booties, you’re gonna love the new page and all the updates to come!   Today, we’ve got the first 7 video clips (of nearly 90 to come!), plus 4 photo galleries (over 160 photos, with 400 more to come!), on the new 2019 STL Pro Page.   JOIN HDPhysiques now and don’t miss anything – we’ve got some amazing things on the way!

Katie Lee looking JACKED and massive, backstage at the 2019 STL Pro – JOIN NOW for our awesome coverage – 600 photos and 85 videos on the way!