BIG UPDATE! 7 New Clips added to the HDPhysiques Members Area + New PREVIEW of Sexy Brooke Clip!

Emily Schubert in RIPPED contest shape – join now for this sexy video in the members area!

We’ve got a BIG update for you this weekend here at HDPhysiques, folks!   First up, in the Bonus Media section, we have added some sexy and exciting contest coverage on the pages of the 2016 Omaha Pro Show, and the 2019 STL Pro Show.   Then, on our model pages, we’ve got new clips on the pages of Taylor Brooke Chaney, as well as her teammate, Emily Schubert!

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Finally, we wanted to give you a heads up, about the MOST SEXY BROOKE WALKER VIDEO EVER – it’s coming next month to her Clips Store at HDPhysiques.TV….  but we are giving you a way to get a FREE special sneak preview copy of this video, by taking advantage of our HDP/PP combo membership program!    That’s right…. if you join HDPhysiques and PremiumPhysiques with a new combo membership, you can get a FREE copy of the Brooke Walker video in sexy lingerie featured in the screen shots here.   If you are already a member, you can just wait and take advantage of a separate Brooke Promotion when the video becomes publicly available.  Either way…. we are all in for a treat, as the BEST Brooke video ever is coming very soon!

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