5 New Members Area Clips Added to the Bonus Media Section!

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We’ve got a quick update today, then a new model coming next week!   Also, we are off to the Chicago Pro this weekend (in Atlanta), and have some very exciting shoots planned for you….. stay tuned for some awesomeness!   For today’s update, please check out the bonus media section, where you’ll find new clips on the page of the 2019 STL Pro, and then head over to the 2019 Omaha Pro for another great NPC Midwest Production.   Then, for some awesome WPD muscle, check out the new clips on the page of the 2019 Legions Sports Festival, as well as the 2019 Optimum Classic in Shreveport, LA.

As always, you’ll get the best bang for your buck, by JOINING HDP and PremiumPhysiques (our sister site where we feature our sponsored athletes or girls with “freaky” bodyparts like Katie Lee’s Biceps, Brooke Walker’s abs, Shannon Courtney’s quads, etc…) at the same time, by OPTING IN for our combo membership when you sign up for either site.

Massive muscle in Omaha! Click here for more!

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