5 New Clips Added in today’s HDP Update – NEW MODEL Coming Next Update!

Amazing new clips from the 2021 PHX UBU added in today’s update – see the tremendous WPD girls on stage!

Hey gang – we’ve got a quick update for you today, then another one coming in just a few days.  In today’s update, you’ll see 5 new clips, 1 on a model page and 4 in the bonus media section.   You’re gonna love these if you enjoy WPD!   That’s right…. from the 2022 Optimum Classic, we’ve got 2 awesome backstage pumproom clips of some of the top WPD competitors.   Then, for some on-stage phenomenal RIPPED contest muscle, check out the girls who went up against Brooke Walker in the 2021 Phoenix UBU Expo.   Absolutely mind-blowing ripped competitors!    Then finally, for some photoshoot  action along the 3 Rivers in Pittsburgh, check out the new pro card winner, Ayla Battye 2, as she flexed and posed the day she won her pro card at North Americans in 2022.

We’ve got another bigger update coming in the next few days.  Stay tuned for much more and an incredible new model from last months Legions Sports Festival in Reno, NV!   Also, remember to check out the new MEASUREMENTS video of Carli and Beefnuggette, over in the Beefnuggette Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

MASSIVE and RIPPED! Join now for the Ayla Battye 2 page – some of the hottest female muscle you’ll ever see!

Carli measuring Beefnuggette’s Massive biceps – get the hot new video today in Beef’s studio at HDPhysiques.TV!