New videos in the members section featuring Tish Shelton, Falon Stacey, & Sandra Lombardo!

Today, check out the new vids we just added on the pages of Sandra Lombardo, Tish Shelton and Falon Stacey. Enjoy these hot clips by joining HDPhysiques today!

OMG! Check out the BUTT, quads and calves over at – new vids added!

Today, on the Los Angeles Lingerie Shoot page at TanyaFitness, Tanya added one of the hottest clips ever posted on her site! Hamstrings, glutes (in a THONG), quads & calves – all with some seriously SEXY posing! Also, check out this article regarding an upcoming guest model at TF – The SECRET WEAPON! Join TanyaFitness now and don’t miss out on the incredible photos and videos that are on the way!

The tremendous Sandra Lombardo, IFBB Physique Pro, is our latest model – AWESOME photos and videos!

See 2 new galleries and 4 videos to kick off the brand new Sandra Lombardo model page! Enjoy this sizzlin’ hot physique pro and check back for more photos and videos added to her page soon!

Check out 2 amazing new videos of Tara Suzanne at the FemaleMuscleStore by

2 UNREAL videos from Venice Beach added to the Tara Suzanne Studio! Phenomenal muscle control and sexy flexing!

New members section galleries of Dani Reardon and the 2014 Omaha Pro FBB’s!

Today, check out hundreds of new photos just added to the HDP members section! First, 3 new galleries of SUPER SULTRY SEXY photos on the page for Dani Reardon, then 3 new galleries of Pro Women’s Bodybuilding and Pro Physique on the 2014 Omaha Pro page. Enjoy these sizzlin’ shots, and stay tuned for another new HDPhysiques model coming Friday with some ultra hot muscle flexing videos!

New clips of Kass Kemmis and Jen Louwagie added to the members section!

See new clips on the pages of Kass Kemmis and Jen Louwagie. These are some phenomenal looking muscle ladies!

Whoa! Click here for awesome news about the Dani Reardon Studio at!

2 FREAKING AWESOME new videos added to the Dani Reardon Studio! One of Dani and Shannon’s triceps, and one of Dani posing her SUPER SEXY HUGE muscles!

New Shannon Courtney video with Tara Suzanne at the by

Tara Suzanne just added new clips of Shannon Courtney with Tara lifting heavy in the Tara Suzanne Studio at the FemaleMuscleStore. Also, a new clip of the impressive muscle goddess Terrah over in the Muscle Beauties Studio. Get these today, you won’t regret it!

Floridian Lindsay Bradley is our newest model!

Check out the 3 new members photo galleries on the page for new model Lindsay Bradley! We had a fun shoot with this exciting young newcomer back at the Tampa Pro in August and plan on more work with her in 2015! Also, see new videos on the pages of Kim Baum and Jen Louwagie. Have a great weekend! – HDP

New members section videos of Laura Foster, Kass Kemmis, & Lori O’Reilly! JOIN HDPhysiques today!

Today, check out the new clips added to the pages of Lori O’Reilly, Kass Kemmis, and Laura Foster. And also, be sure to take a look at the new galleries of Tanya and Heather Armbrust added over at!