SUPER MEGA-RIPPED NEW MODEL – Laura Richards 2019 Legions Champ!

The hot California sun captured the beauty and impressiveness of Laura Richard’s world class physique – she’s going to the Olympia, folks!

Possessing some of the VERY BEST quads and calves we’ve ever shot at HDPhysiques, the 2019 Legions Sports Festival Champion, Laura Richards is our NEW MODEL!   On her new model page, you’ll find the usual assortment of free samples, and then the members area photo galleries, and the first 4 video clips – with MORE on the way!

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Massive, RIPPED, and VASCULAR! The Super Jonquil Baugh is the Newest HDPhysiques Model!

Some of the most impressive and vascular arms we have ever shot! Join now for Jonquil Baugh!

You guys are in for a treat today!   We hope you enjoyed Halloween, because today’s TREAT is the phenomenal IFBB Physique Pro, Jonquil Baugh!   On the new Jonquil Baugh Model Page you’re gonna find the first 3 members area galleries, plus 4 videos of absolutely shocking mind-blowing muscle!   Of course, we also have the usual assortment of free samples as well, to tempt you to hit that JOIN BUTTON and support our site and the girls!    We appreciate your support and hope you really enjoy this sensational new model!

Jonquil’s pup was proud of his momma on this amazing shoot! Join now for Jonquil and “Flex”!!!

SUPER RIPPED Emily Schubert – New IFBB Pro Physique – Our Newest Model!

Very rare to see triceps and delts cut THAT deep! JOIN NOW for the amazing Emily Schubert!

Hey folks – you’re going to be highly impressed with our latest athlete, the absolutely sensational, Emily Schubert, out of Pennsylvania!   On the new Emily Schubert model page, you’ll find the first 5 videos and first 3 members section galleries from our epic shoot last weekend in Pacifica California.   We got some amazing shots and vids for you, folks!

She may be doing an HDPhysiques.TV Clips Studio later this year, folks….  keep your eyes on this one…. she’s only going to keep getting better and better.  She’s got an amazing amount of potential to be one of the top physique girls on the pro circuit!   JOIN HDPhysiques today and don’t miss a step of her incredible journey!

One of the new Emily Schubert galleries features fellow WPD Pro, and biceps peak freak, Chavaugn Del Valle! JOIN NOW for both incredible ladies!

AMAZING – 6 New Vids added to the HDP Members Area – JOIN NOW for HOT female muscle!

Krista the Cutie – look at that hot female muscle! JOIN NOW!

Today’s update is awesome, folks!   We’ve got 6 clips added on the pages of 4 hot models.   First up, 2 clips on the page of WPD Pro, Kathleen Erickson.   Then, 2 more clips of leg goddess, Kelly Lynn 2, one of which where she is joined by bodybuilder Brittany Nicole.  Finally, we’ve got solo clips added on the pages of Krista Beth & Rachael Loftis 4, where she’s training at Wildhorse Gym in STL with Brooke Walker.

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BIG UPDATE – 6 New Galleries Added of TOP Recently Added Models – JOIN NOW!

Those are some big sexy biceps on gorgeous Kaitie Hart – JOIN NOW!

Our mid-week update this week is sensational, folks!   We’ve added hundreds of new photos of some of your favorite recently added models.  Let’s get right to it….  first up, we’ve got 2 new members section galleries on the page of Kaitie Hart 2, one of our sponsored athletes and reporters for our show coverage.   Next up, Crossfit POWERHOUSE from northern Jersey, we’ve got 2 galleries added on the page for the unreal freaky ripped Vicky Caruso!   And finally, big biceps fans will love the 2 new galleries on the page of southern stunner, Blakelee Ortega 2!

Enjoy this amazing update, and get ready for a sensational new model coming this weekend!   Thank you for your support of HDPhysiques!

2 New Galleries of big gunned Blakelee Ortega – added today – JOIN NOW!

ULTRA-VASCULAR – FREAKY New Video added to the Jill Diorio Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

Good golly Miss Molly – Look at those UNREAL massive calves with freaky vascularity! Get the new video today at HDPhysiques.TV – Click here!

HOLY SMOKES, FOLKS!   For the freakiest of the freaky, head over to the “Jill Diorio – Calves Galore” Clips Studio for some INSANE vascularity, and ultra-shredded muscle!   Nobody brings the conditioning quite like Jill, and this video is 100% proof of that.  She’s got everything, folks…. obviously she’s known for her crazy legs… but fans of upper bodies will love this one too.  Head to Jill’s Studio to get this clip now – and see the description below!

Description: Jill in contest shape – there’s only one word that comes to mind – FREAKY! Possibly the most vascular female muscle competitor we’ve ever seen in ANY decade… this video is sure to leave you jaw-dropped. Obviously she is already well known for her LEGendary calves, quads, and hammies, but this video also shows off how truly impressive and RIPPED her upper body is. If you’re a fan of arms, particularly big meaty forearms with veins running everywhere… this video will please you just as much as it will the leg fans! So…add this one to your shopping cart immediately and be prepared to be wowed!

She’s the real deal, folks – her upper body is freaky shredded too – look at those vascular forearms!

MAMMOTH quads – each one containing a freaky road map of vascularity – Get this HOT new video today at HDPhysiques.TV in the Jill Diorio Clips Studio!

Jersey Girl Vicky Caruso is the NEWEST Model at – INSANELY RIPPED LEGS!

ULTRA-RIPPED and shredded – the craziest legs you may ever see! Join now for the awesome Vicky Caruso!

The newest model at HDPhysiques, is CrossFit Mega Star and super ripped, Vicky Caruso!   We just shot with Vicky 4 days ago in New Jersey, as she was in the final days of prep for her Wadapalooza Competition in Miami.  Wish her luck this weekend!

The new Vicky Caruso Model Page has the first 4 videos, 3 photo galleries, and the usual assortment of free samples.  JOIN HDPhysiques today for the best in female muscle athletes!

Vicky has some of the craziest legs ever! JOIN NOW for amazing pics and vids!

NEW 2013 Shannon Courtney Compilation Video Now Available at HDPhysiques.TV!

Enormous, powerful female muscle - Shannon Courtney in her prime, in a sexy beach/bikini shoot!  Get it today over at HDPhysiques.TV, the Female Muscle Store!

Enormous, powerful female muscle – Shannon Courtney in her prime, in a sexy beach/bikini shoot! Get it today over at HDPhysiques.TV, the Female Muscle Store!

Hey gang, just a heads up (please don’t bitch about this quick announcement…. this doesn’t slow down or impact the rate of members area updates here….. we are just alerting interested customers as to where they can find a potential new product that suits their interests) – we just released a new compilation video from Shannon Courtney in her prime (2013) over on her Clips Store at HDPhysiques.TV!  See the details below:

In the Shannon Courtney Clips Studio, you’ll find a brand new compilation feature of Shannon in her prime!  From 2013, 2 weeks before her pro-card winning weekend, Shannon is ripped and HUGE beyond belief!  This compilation from PremiumPhysiques (formerly TanyaFitness) is our 2nd in an upcoming string of re-releases of Shannon’s PRIME YEARS footage, re-mastered in 1080p Full HD, and re-cut, re-edited, to a higher standard.   See the clip description below from her page, and get this HOT video today!

Description: NEWLY REMASTERED in 1080p FULL HD! – As promised a few months ago, we are re-packaging, re-editing, re-mastering, and re-releasing some of the Shannon Courtney greatest shoots from her prime in 2013-2014. This latest effort, a compilation from the PremiumPhysiques (formerly TanyaFitness) shoot at Crystal Cove, Shannon at this point was just 2 weeks out from her pro-card winning weekend at the 2013 NPC USA Championships. Massive and ripped doesn’t even begin to describe it! And all this muscle and definition at just 22 years old! This is a MUST get for collectors of the best female muscle. And of course, a MUST GET for anyone who simply loves gorgeous, young, ultra-muscular women! Legs, Biceps, chest….etc…. she’s got it all – so get this spectacular compilation today in newly remastered 1080p!

New Model Page for Olympian Alyssa Coppolino! Plus new Vids of Alyssa Isley & Bianca Scott!

Legs of absolute steel!  Join now for the incredible Alyssa Coppolino 2 page!

Legs of absolute steel! Join now for the incredible Alyssa Coppolino 2 page!

HDPhysiques is proud to present a new model page for Olympian Alyssa Coppolino 2!   See 2 sexy photo galleries from our quick shoot at the 2018 Olympia!   Plus, we’ve added 3 new clips, 1 of the phenomenal Bianca Scott, and 2 of leg goddess Alyssa Isley!

JOIN HDPhysiques now for these amazing models and MANY more on the way!

5 Outstanding New Videos added to HDPhysiques!

Look at that muscle!  Join now for Kayla Murphy!

Look at that muscle! Join now for Kayla Murphy!

You’re going to love today’s update, folks!   5 new videos featuring the some of your latest, favorite female muscle stars!  See new videos today on the pages of Kayla Murphy, Kaitie Hart 1, Felisha Livezey, Blakelee Ortega, as well as the bonus media of the 2018 STL Pro Show.   Then, stay tuned for another new model coming this Saturday!  (yes, our update schedule is a little out of whack right now due to the Olympia…. and next week, we have the Legions Sports Festival….  but after Oct 2, we will be back on our normal schedule – thanks for your patience!).

MASSIVE MUSCLE - HDPhysiques features only the finest in female muscle - see new model Blakelee Ortega now!

MASSIVE MUSCLE – HDPhysiques features only the finest in female muscle – see new model Blakelee Ortega now!