2 New Videos of Massive Arms

On the page for the 2016 Quad Squad Workout, you’ll see Jacqueline Hickerson & Lynette Audrey working on BICEPS, along with some sexy posing and flexing. Stay tuned for tomorrows new model!

New Members Section Vids of Sannito, Rosela, & Adams!

Today we’ve added 3 awesome new clips on the model pages for Rosela Joseph, Ashley Adams, and youngster, Chloe Sannito. You’re going to love these 3 vids of some of today’s most exciting rising stars in Women’s Physique! Make sure you’re a member of HDPhysiques and enjoy almost a decade of awesome female muscle, and today’s most incredible new stars!

NEW Alli Schmohl Video with 16″ Biceps at

Visit the Alli Schmohl Clips Studio for AMAZING new videos of her huge 16" guns!

Visit the Alli Schmohl Clips Studio for AMAZING new videos of her huge 16″ guns!

Fans of HUGE, muscular, powerful female biceps are going to LOVE the new clip that our friend Alli Schmohl just posted in her clips studio at the FemaleMuscleStore, by – check it out, and buy this clip to support Alli directly! We are down in San Antonio this weekend with Alli as she competes in her pro debut at the San Antonio Pro Show! We will be filming much more new content for HDPhysiques, PremiumPhysiques, and Alli’s Clips Studio, all in RIPPED contest shape – so stay tuned for much more!

2 New Members Section Vids of Lauren Dean Added

In the HDP members section, please find 2 new clips on the page for the young and gorgeous, Lauren Dean. Plus stay tuned for another amazing new model plus new videos coming this weekend at HDPhysiques!

New Members Section Vids of Lauren Dean & Katie Lee Added!

Tremendous new gym videos added of HDPhysiques Sponsored Athletes Lauren Dean and Katie Lee 2 from our May shoots in Baltimore. Lauren in her off-season, and Katie Lee in ripped contest shape poppin’ those huge biceps! Join HDPhysiques for much more! Plus remember to check out the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Store at, for new videos of Katie with the gorgeous and super-powerful Arnold Champ, Autumn Swansen!

4 SUPERB new videos added – Lauren Dean & Katie Lee!

In today’s update you’re going to LOVE the 4 new videos we’ve just added to the HDP members section. First, 2 on the page for new pro and sponsored athlete, Katie Lee 2, from our freaky and amazing gym shoots in May. Then, 1 of Lauren Dean, and 1 of Lauren with Katie, on the Lauren Dean model page. There’s never been a better time to be a member at HDPhysiques! We’ve been shooting like crazy throughout May and June, and have LOTS of new content and hot models to share. Stay tuned for some amazing stuff!

3 New Models in 1 Week – Say hello to Chloe Sannito!

Ever since our first shoot in Feb 2015, we’ve been eager to get our lens back focused on Chloe Sannito! Here she is, in much leaner and HOT muscular shape, as she preps for the 2016 North Americans. Footage shot just last weekend at the 2016 NPC Jr Nationals, where she was a spectator and there supporting her local Chicago friends. Check out the Chloe Sannito 2 model page with 4 new vids and 3 photo galleries… with much more on the way! Thanks for joining HDPhysiques and showing your support for these fine ladies of muscle!

New members section vids of Rosela Joseph & Dana Osakada

Today we have added new clips on the pages of recently added models Dana Osakada and Rosela Joseph.

Additionally, over on our sister site,, there’s a brand new event page added featuring sponsored athlete, Sara Butler moving some massive weights in the gym with her enormous muscles! Do you like PEC BOUNCING? Check out the new SARA BUTLER – POWERFUL GYM MUSCLES page and JOIN PremiumPhysiques today!

New Members Section Galleries – Michelle Martonick, Natalie Graziano, & Olivia Moschetti

This week’s mid-week update is a big photo gallery update, featuring the phenomenal models Natalie Graziano, Olivia Moschetti, and Michelle Martonick. Stay tuned for a brand new model page for sponsored athlete Katie Lee coming on Friday, in RIPPED contest shape!

HDP Welcomes New Model Cynthia Jansen!

Our newest model is Pro Physique Competitor Cynthia Jansen! Shot at the Tampa Pro, you’ll see Cynthia by the water flexing her awesome biceps and triceps, thick powerful quads, and diamond-like calves! Her model page kicks off with the first 4 video clips, plus 2 sexy photo galleries. Thanks for joining HDPhysiques and supporting these amazing muscle ladies!