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Our friend Tanya continues to get more and more impressive, folks! This weekend, she updated TanyaFitness with new clips on the Fashion Island Bridge Shoot page from 2014, and the Powerhouse Gym 4 page from 2013 – look at how much she’s grown! And guess what….we have new shoots scheduled for just a couple weeks from now at the Arnold Classic… and she’s now measuring over 15″ on the arms! So… join TanyaFitness today and don’t miss a thing. It’s going to be awesome!


Meet new HDPhysiques model, Tiffany Chandler – IFBB Fitness Pro – incredible strength and flexibility!

Check out the incredible new model, IFBB Fitness athlete, Tiffany Chandler! We LOVE shooting with the Fitness Pros – their ability to do wild moves, strength demonstrations, and more, is simply out of this world! And Tiff has always impressed us with her tremendous physique. Nice vascular thick, strong, muscles! You’ll love these 3 new members galleries and videos added today on the Tiffany Chandler model page!


OMG! Check out the BUTT, quads and calves over at – new vids added!

Today, on the Los Angeles Lingerie Shoot page at TanyaFitness, Tanya added one of the hottest clips ever posted on her site! Hamstrings, glutes (in a THONG), quads & calves – all with some seriously SEXY posing! Also, check out this article regarding an upcoming guest model at TF – The SECRET WEAPON! Join TanyaFitness now and don’t miss out on the incredible photos and videos that are on the way!