6 HUGE Vids Added to Members Area – Melissa Pearo, Sarah Fechter, & much more!

These are some AMAZING muscles – Join HDPhysiques now for gorgeous Sarah Fechter!

HDPhysiques has been updated with tremendous new videos in the Members area featuring some of your favorite female physiques!   First up, in the Bonus Media area, you’ll see 2 new videos on the page for the 2018 Omaha Pro Show featuring site favorites, Allison Schmohl and Jill Diorio!   Then, on the model pages, you’ll see 1 new video each on the pages of Melissa Pearo, Brett Scott, Blakelee Ortega, & Sarah Fechter.   These are some tremendous clips, folks!

Thank you for joining HDPhysiques!

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BIG UPDATE – New Model Lianna Groeneveld Plus 4 Videos Added to Members Area!

It's LEG DAY - look at those killer wheels!  April is one of 4 models with leg clips added today, so click here to JOIN HDPhysiques now!

It’s LEG DAY – look at those killer wheels! April is one of 4 models with leg clips added today, so click here to JOIN HDPhysiques now!

HDPhysiques is proud to announce new model, the gorgeous Lianna Groeneveld…. a figure competitor who finished in the top 3 at NPC Nationals this past November.  We met up with her at Dani Reardon’s Wedding that we attended on Nov 11, then lined up a shoot with Lianna for the following weekend at Nationals.  Check out the Lianna Groeneveld model page for 2 awesome galleries and the usual assortment of free photos as well.

We also added 4 new LEG DAY clips to the members area featuring the likes of Christine Moyer, Ashley Godfrey, April Dumouchel, & ripped Kennedy Ledgerwood.  Yes, you’ll see why it’s LEG DAY – these 4 bring it with the wheels!

We will have a new model with new videos next week, plus TONS of more coverage from the STL Pro – we literally have HOURS and HOURS of video to process…. that’s why it’s taking a while to get those projects finished.  Just stay tuned, we’ll get it finished next week when we return home from the Orlando Europa Games.

Spectacular Abdominals – Ariel Khadr, Ashley Losee, & Jayla!

Today, our video update includes abs from 3 divisions. First up, for the abs of a lean physique competitor, see the page for Jayla McDermott.  Then, for some killer figure girl abs, you’ll love what Ashley Losee 3 brings to the table. Then, finally, for some amazing IFBB Pro Fitness abs, you’ll be amazed by the stunningly gorgeous, Ariel Khadr!

Videos of Cheryl Faust & LMC added to the Members Area – JOIN Today!

Today we’ve added 2 new clips on the pages of Cheryl Faust 2 and Lisa Marie Campbell. Cheryl has some of the craziest legs you’ll see – massive size and deeply cut, kind of like our recently added model Paula Francis (very similar shape, in fact!). Then, with LMC, she starts out with some leg posing of her own, then follows with some sexy abdominals, along the Miami river. Thank you for joining HDPhysiques!

New videos of Alyssa Nemes and Amanda Ptak added!

Awesome videos of 2 gorgeous blondes added today at HDPhysiques. First, check out the Alyssa Nemes model page, then head over to the Amanda Ptak 2 page for 2 amazing videos of her abs and legs. Definitely a good time to be a member at HDPhysiques!