Here is the latest 20 "What's New?" items that we have entered on the site. If you would like to see our archive of these entries then please our complete list.

7/08/2015 - HOLY SHIT! - CRAZY RIPPED new Dani Reardon video at!!!
The new video in the Dani Reardon Studio must be seen to be believed! TOTALLY RIPPED! Plus a new Crystasl Wass photo set in the HDPhysiques Studio!

7/07/2015 - 4 new stunning clips added to the HDP members section, featuring Alyson Dallas & Rosie Harte!
See 2 new clips each on the pages of Alyson Dallas 3 and Rosie Harte 2. Enjoy this hot update now by joining HDPhysiques!

7/03/2015 - Happy 4th of July weekend from HDPhysiques! Check out our latest model, the STUNNING Heather Barbee!
You're gonna love the 3 new members galleries on the page for new model, Heather Barbee. Check this muscular beauty out! Stay tuned for more updates as we cover this weekend's Team Universe Competition in New Jersey. Wishing good luck to all the amazing competitors, especially HDPhysiques athletes Katie Lee & Alyson Dallas! Happy 4th of July Weekend everyone!

7/01/2015 - PremiumPhysiques adds new vids of Tanya and RIPPED Erin Twiggs!
The new site just had a great update with new videos of the crazy shredded and ripped Erin Twiggs, as well as 2 videos of Tanya in the Gym working her powerful legs. Join PremiumPhysiques at the same time as you join HDP and receive $4.00 off your monthly subscriptions.

7/01/2015 - The Female-Power studio at releases a HOT new video of Hailey McGrath & her crazy forearms & biceps!
You're going to LOVE the biceps peaks and forearms on WPD competitor Hailey McGrath - see the new video in the Studio today!

7/01/2015 - New Rachael Loftis videos added to the HDPhysiques members section
Today, to kick off July, check out the new clips of Rachael Loftis 2 and Rachael Loftis 3. Sorry for the small update - but we've been busy lining up shoots for the Team Universe in New York and getting ready to launch the revamped HDPhysiques (for the first time since 2006!!!). Lots of great new shoots and big announcements coming soon! - HDP

6/29/2015 - 4 new videos added to HDP! See new clips of Tarna Alderman, Kass Kemmis, Alli Schmohl, and Heather Payne - JOIN NOW!
You'll be amazed at the new videos today on the pages of Heather Payne 2, Kass Kemmis, Tarna Alderman 2, and incredible HDP-sponsored athlete, Allison Schmohl. JOIN NOW for these great models!

6/27/2015 - The new adds more vids of the SUPER JACKED Brooke Walker and Katie Lee!
The new site (formerly PremiumPhysiques), has been updated with new videos of the MEGA-RIPPED new pro Brooke Walker and the SUPER PEAK PRINCESS Katie Lee from her recent training session with Tanya at AussieFit Gym. Check it out!

6/26/2015 - New model page for Alyson Dallas in Miami! Look at those amazing muscles!
Check out the new Alyson Dallas 3 model page from our shoot with her in Miami back in November after Nationals. This HDP-sponsored athlete has the Team Universe on her agenda next weekend - wish her luck! And enjoy the awesome pics and vids on the way to the new Aly Dally 3 model page!

6/26/2015 - Shannon Courtney posts a BRAND NEW arm training video at - HUGE and POWERFUL!
WOW! The Shannon Courtney Studio does it again. Shannon just sent in a brand new HUGE ARMS training video. Get part 1 today! Also, in the Muscle Appeal Studio, you're gonna love the thrilling biceps peaks of the 18-year-old newcomer, Flexabella! Get these 2 hot new videos today over at, the FemaleMuscleStore!

6/24/2015 - New members videos added - Rachael Loftis, Sandra Lombardo, Heather Payne and Kass Kemmis - JOIN HDPhysiques today!
Check out the new videos on the pages of Rachael Loftis 2, Heather Payne 2, Sandra Lombardo, and Kassie Kemmis. JOIN NOW and stay tuned for another hot model page coming Friday!

6/22/2015 - PremiumPhysiques adds ultimate SHRED QUEEN Erin Twiggs - check it out!
The former PremiumPhysiques site, newly upgraded and enhanced as the elite multi-model site,, has been updated with NEW MODEL, Erin Twiggs, who possesses some of the most RIPPED and shredded legs you'll ever see! Striations everywhere in her hamstrings, quads, and glutes... this girl will leave you with your jaws dropped. How is it possible to get that freaky ripped? Join PremiumPhysiques today for the first 4 videos and 3 galleries from this amazing woman!

6/22/2015 - 8 videos added to the members section - Tarna Alderman, Rachael Loftis 3, and our coverage of the 2015 Jr. Nationals!
Today, we've added new videos on the pages of Rachael Loftis 3 and Tarna Alderman 2, as well as 6 videos and 3 galleries of our coverage of the 2015 NPC Jr. Nationals.

6/19/2015 - Check out the biceps on the stunning Melissa in the MuscleBeauties Studio at, the FemaleMuscleStore!
Check out the new video of GORGEOUS Melissa in the Muscle Beauties Studio at the FemaleMuscleStore by - She's blastin' those HOT BICEPS!

6/19/2015 - NEW MODEL Stacia Woods, plus new videos of Rachael Loftis & Alli Schmohl added to the HDP members section!
Today we added new model Stacia Woods, fresh off of her 3rd place finish in Charleston at the 2015 Jr USA's. We also added new clips in the members section for new models and sponsored HDP athletes, Allison Schmohl and Rachael Loftis. Enjoy today's amazing update!

6/16/2015 -, the former TanyaFitness, updated with new vids of Allison Schmohl and more!
The former PremiumPhysiques site, newly upgraded and enhanced as the elite multi-model site,, has been updated with 2 new videos - one of Tanya working back & delts at the Fitness vault, & one of the incredibly ripped & perfectly shaped Allison Schmohl in Charleston. Join PremiumPhysiques with our combo membership with HDP and save $4.00 today - A SUPER RIPPED new model coming this weekend so you'll want to join now!

6/15/2015 - 6 UNREAL new videos of HOT muscle flexing added to the members section featuring Alyson Dallas!
Coming off an incredible showing in Chicago, finishing 4th in the deepest class at Jr Nationals, here's 4 new videos on the Alyson Dallas 4 page featuring Aly at her best - beautiful rock hard muscle!

6/12/2015 - New model page for Alyson Dallas added
Check out the new page for HDPhysiques favorite, Alyson Dallas 4! (yes, we know... there isn't a 3 yet... but don't worrry - photos and vids from shoot 3 are coming in the next week or 2... we just had to rush 4 out because she is looking SO RIPPED and competing at this weekend's Jr. Nationals!). Just photos for now, but the VIDEO from this hot shoot is coming on Monday/Tues! So, stay tuned!

6/11/2015 - Check out the new - TanyaFitness members click here for more info!
HDPhysiques recently upgraded PremiumPhysiques to the new multi-model showcase called, featuring some of our top models and our sponsored athletes such as Katie Lee, Alli Schmohl, and more! Customers of the previous PremiumPhysiques will continue to enjoy the same content that has always been there (featuring Tanya Hyde, Shannon Courtney, Dani Reardon, Tara Brandt, Autumn Swansen and many more from the past 6 years!) and now will enjoy many more special models on the way, with more frequent and larger updates! Existing members of TF have already had their memberships transferred over to the new site. Newcomers, check it out for the amazing photos and videos to come!

6/10/2015 - New videos of Pro Physique competitors Lisa Grasso and NEW PRO, and HDP sponsored athlete, Alli Schmohl!
You're gonna love the new videos on the pages of new model Allison Schmohl, and veteran pro competitor Lisa Grasso. JOIN TODAY and enjoy these hot new clips! And remember to join Premium Physiques for more clips of Alli comparing and flexing her biceps with Katie Lee!




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