Monday – it might as well be MASSIVE LEGS MONDAY, right? New vids of Rachael Loftis, Ariel Gail, Shannon Courtney & more!

It’s MASSIVE LEGS MONDAY once again! New vids posted to the pages of Kassie Kemmis, Rachael Loftis, Ariel Gail 2, and Shannon Courtney 3. Absolutely unbelievable legs – done HDPhysiques style!

Huge BICEPS fans will want to check out the new clip added at the by!

The Female-Power studio has added an AMAZING new video featuring biceps Goddess, Lindsay Mulinazzi. This clip is an absolute MUST HAVE for fans of HUGE, powerful biceps!

New vids and more coming to – click here for message from Tanya!

Message from Tanya at – “Hey everyone! – for today’s update at TanyaFitness, see new videos on the pages of <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>Flexing at Fort Lauderdale Beach</a> and <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>Iron Gym with Shannon Courtney</a>. Some sexy legs flexing and big tricep pumps in the gym! Also, I just finished shooting a SUPER SEXY SHOOT in LA earlier this week. My buddy Joe at HDPhysiques is busy prepping it for the site…. so stay tuned for a smoking hot brand new shoot coming before Christmas! <a href=””>JOIN TanyaFitness today</a> and be ready for some killer new pics and vids! – Tanya”

New galleries of Kassie Kemmis, Katie Lee, and Ivana Ivusic – JOIN HDPhysiques today!

Today check out the sizzlin’ new photo galleries added to the pages of Kass Kemmis, Ivana Ivusic, and Katie Lee. Enjoy all of these HOT photos! New model coming on Friday!

Amazing new clips of MASSIVE MUSCLE – Kim Perez and Alicia Alfaro – 2 heavyweight beauties of power!

Today, see new clips on the pages of Kim Perez and Alicia Alfaro. 2 of the best mass monsters in recent years! And stay tuned for more incredible updates coming Wednesday and Friday!

More Dani Reardon in HOT THONG BIKINI’s at the, by

VOLUME 2 of the THONG BIKINIS and huge muscles at Venice Beach is now added to the Dani Reardon Studio! Enjoy these amazing videos today and support Dani by buying from her clips studio!

STUNNING BEAUTY Olivia Moschetti is the latest new model here at HDPhysiques! – JOIN TODAY!

2014 NPC Nationals was a big success. Another brand new model here at HDPhysiques, the incredible Olivia Moschetti will be sure to wow you with some stunning good looks, and a physique to die for! If you don’t already have an HDPhysiques membership, Olivia sure is a darn good reason to

New vids of Rachael Loftis, Michelle Jin, Katie Lee, & new model Kass Kemmis!

Check out the hot new videos added on the pages of Rachael Loftis, Michelle Jin, Katie Lee, and Kass Kemmis. And get ready for another GORGEOUS model coming to HDPhysiques on Friday!

WHOA! Check out the 2 new vids just added on TanyaFitness! Tanya’s biceps are HUGE! Plus Shannon Courtney’s massive back!

If you head over to join TanyaFitness you’ll see 2 amazing hot new videos on the Fashion Island Shoot page, and the Shannon Courtney HUGE back workout page! Look at HOW MUCH MUSCLE Tanya has put on! Join TanyaFitness to support the best and hardest working individual model site on the muscle web!