Tish Shelton and Tarna Alderman videos added!

Small update today (sorry, we are trying to get our new model, new pro Allison Schmohl, ready for Friday’s new model page!). See 2 new clips on the pages of Tarna Alderman 2 and Tish Shelton. Much more coming soon!

New Model Angela Herpich added!

Check out the 2 new members section galleries of new model Angela Herpich! Sorry for the missed update over the weekend. We got busy in South Carolina shooting at the NPC Jr USA’s. Give a big congratulations to HDPhysiques sponsored athlete, Allison Schmohl, for winning her pro card! We have some epic shoots on the way!

Great new videos added in the members section of HDPhysiques – Dani Reardon 2, Rosie Harte 2, and 19-year-old sensation, Chloe Sannito!

3 new videos added today on the pages of Chloe Sannito, Rosie Harte 2, and Dani Reardon 2. JOIN TODAY for some phenomenal muscle!

You’re not gonna believe the video that Dani just added to her vid store at HDPhysiques.tv! HOT THONG & huge muscles!

A simply UNREAL, HOT video added to the Dani Reardon Studio – Her muscles are POPPING out of her skin – so ripped and vascular! Enjoy this one, folks!

New clips in the members section for Rachael Loftis, Rosie Harte, and Lisa Grasso – ULTRA MUSCLE GIRLS!

See new clips today on the pages of Rachael Loftis 2, Rosie Harte 2, and the awesomely muscled Lisa Grasso. So, Join now now for these AWESOME muscle videos!

Wendy Lindquist COMPARES MUSCLES with gorgeous Kristen Abhold and Dani Reardon adds HUGE BICEPS video at HDPhysiques.tv

Lil Monstar just updated with a shockingly HOT new vid in her Dani Reardon Clips Studio at HDPhysiques, and then not to be outdone, the amazing Wendy Lindquist, biceps goddess, adds a new video in the Wendy Lindquist Studio, fresh off the 2015 Emerald Cup, with gorgeous Kristen Abhold. Watch them compare muscles in a hot flex-off! Get these 2 sizzlin’ new clips today exclusively at the FemaleMuscleStore by HDPhysiques.tv!

Another HOT flexing model page added for HDP athlete, Rachael Loftis – JOIN HDPhysiques today!

Today we added a new page for the phenomenal Rachael Loftis 3, one of your favorite HDPhysiques sponsored athletes! Her new page has 3 new galleries, and 4 HD videos to start, with TONS more on the way from our recent shoot at the Red Rocks in Colorado. Enjoy!

Amazing new vids of some of your fave girls! Rachael Loftis, Tarna Alderman, Tish Shelton and Rosie Harte!

Check out new videos on the pages of Rachael Loftis, Tish Shelton, Rosie Harte 2, and Tarna Alderman 2. Join HDPhysiques now and enjoy!

Shannon adds a HUGE legs video to her clips studio at HDPhysiques.tv – gotta love that Shannon Courtney!

HUGE LEGS!!! – see the Shannon Courtney Studio for a new video of Shannon’s shockingly massive legs!

The PERFECT muscles of Kass Kemmis, Dani Reardon, and 19-year old sensation, Chloe Sannito – 5 new videos added!

Check out new clips today on the pages of Dani Reardon 2, Kass Kemmis, and Chloe Sannito. Thanks for joining HDP!