Dani Reardon & Wendy Lindquist add more videos to their studios at HDPhysiques.tv!

See 2 new videos of the Lil Monstar in the Dani Reardon Studio – Muscle blasting gymwork & sexy posing from California! Also, biceps Goddess Wendy Lindquist adds a new video in RIPPED CONTEST SHAPE in the Wendy Lindquist Studio! Check out these hot new videos today at HDPhysiques.tv!

New HDPhysiques members section clips on the pages of Ivana Ivusic, Dani Reardon, Katie Lee, & Michelle Martonick

Today, we’ve got new vids on the pages of Katie Lee, Michelle Martonick, Dani Reardon, and Ivana Ivusic! Enjoy these amazing muscle models – more on the way!

Texan Erin Elliott is our newest model! See 3 awesome members section photo galleries of Erin & her awesome bicep peaks!

Today we added new model, Erin Elliott to the ranks of HDPhysiques! She has a unique look with excellent biceps that just pop with perfection. JOIN HDPhysiques now for 3 smoking hot galleries of Erin taken at the 2014 NPC Jr. USA’s.

New videos of Kim Baum, Katie Lee, & new model Rachael Loftis

The model pages of Rachael Loftis, Kim Baum, and Katie Lee. And thank you for the feedback on recently added new model Rachael Loftis. You’ll be seeing a lot of her in 2015!

HUGE NEWS at TanyaFitness! Quadzilla Heather Armbrust is the new guest model!

HUGE announcement over at TanyaFitness! Tanya’s latest guest model is the beautiful female bodybuilding superstar, Heather Armbrust! Despite not having competed in several years, she still has one of the most unbelievable physiques on the planet. Check out the new Heather Armbrust – Quadzilla Returns page with the initial 4 videos and 2 photo galleries, with much more on the way! Thank you for joining TanyaFitness and supporting Tanya and her guest models!

Female Power posts 2 new amazing videos of Katka Kyptova in RIPPED contest shape over at HDPhysiques.tv, the FemaleMuscleStore!

Head over to the Female-Power studio at HDPhysiques.tv to see 2 FREAKING SEXY videos of an ultra-muscled Katka Kyptova flexing her powerful biceps and ripped abs!

5 new clips of gorgeus muscle ladies added to the HDPhysiques members section! – Jen Louwagie, Michelle Martonick, Laura Foster, Janelle Ucci & Ivana Ivusic!

See awesome new clips of some of your favorite HDPhysiques muscle girls. New vids on the pages of Jen Louwagie, Michelle Martonick, Janelle Ucci, Ivana Ivusic, and Laura Foster. Enjoy this awesome members section update of some gorgeous ladies of muscle!

The FemaleMuscleStore.com kicks off November with STUNNINGLY HOT photo sets of Dani Reardon & Shannon Courtney from their recent LA trip!

2 new photo sets of the hottest young women of muscle added to the Dani Reardon Studio & the Shannon Courtney Studio from their recent meet-up in LA. Get these HOT photo sets NOW! And stay tuned for the video on the way soon!

MEGA-SIZED Jennifer Kennedy, Shannon Courtney, and Dani Reardon at the FemaleMuscleStore.com!

MEGA-SIZED MUSCLES! See a new super sexy video of Jen Kennedy over on the Awefilms Studio page, an AMAZING CLIP! Also, see the Shannon Courtney studio for a new PHOTO SET (zip file) of the upcoming videos of Shannon & Dani together for the first time blasting an arm workout!

Meet NEW MODEL and HDPhysiques sponsored athlete for 2015 – Rachael Loftis, from an EPIC SHOOT at AREA 51 in Nevada!

Say hello to new model and one of HDPhysiques’ sponsored athletes for 2015, the amazing IFBB Physique Pro Rachael Loftis! Rachael turned pro this past summer at the 2014 NPC Jr. Nationals and we recently had the fortune to meet up with her a few weeks ago in the Nevada to join us on a “bucket list” shoot… we bravely took some risks and did a shoot just outside the most highly guarded, secretive facility on earth, the legendary Area 51! JOIN HDPhysiques to help support Rachael on her quest for the Physique Olympia in 2015!