Tanya’s 15.25″ arms, Shannon’s ENORMOUS legs new at TanyaFitness.com. And new vids of Talor Martin & Tara Suzanne at HDPhysiques.tv!

Over at our friend Tanya’s website, check out the new videos on the Shannon Courtney and Tanya at Iron Gym page, and the Sexy Lingerie Shoot in LA shoot page, where Tanya shows off her 15.25″ arms! Thank you for supporting Tanya and joining TanyaFitness.com as she prepares for her best competitive season yet – bigger and more lean than ever! Also, over on the FemaleMuscleStore, check out new clips today in the brand new Talor Martin Studio and a sexy legs clip of Tara Suzanne in the Tara Suzanne Studio. Sizzlin’ hot muscle girls to warm up your winter!