4 Videos Added to Members Section – And more Big News!

Click here for some CONTEST SHAPE Christine Moyer!

Click here for some CONTEST SHAPE Christine Moyer!

We’ve got another hot video update to share – 4 in today’s members section, featuring the lovely Christine Moyer 6, Britney Sheehan 2, and 2 clips from the 2018 STL Pro Show.   Then stay tuned…. just like last week when we released 2 new models in 1 week, we are going to have another big surprise this week….  a new model on THURSDAY, and then another new model on Next Tuesday!  And let me tell you…. they are both incredible!

ENORMOUS UPDATE! New model Susan Graham, plus Losee, Goudz, and more!

Brigitte-Goudz-109Enjoy this amazing update today, folks!  It’s a special one!  First, please welcome new model, the gorgeous and stunning Susan Mathison Graham!  This photos-only shoot from the recently 2017 Orlando Pro Europa Games was years in the making, and worth the wait!  Susan delivered a rock hard physique, with stunning looks – a rarity that only HDPhysiques can consistently deliver!  We are very grateful for the opportunities to work with such gorgeous ladies.

Then, for videos, we’ve added new clips on the pages of Ashley Losee 4, the jaw-dropping Brigitte Goudz, and 2 long clips from our Bonus Media coverage of the 2017 STL Pro Show, featuring girls like Brooke Walker in contest shape!