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Hey fellas – we’ve got 5 awesome new clips added to the members area today that we are sure you’re going to enjoy!   First up, for some backstage pumproom action, check out the muscle on the girls gathering at the 2020 Omaha Pro Show!    Then, for some ultra-sexy blondes!   How about stunning NPC Figure competitor, Raychel Akerboom working quads and flexing biceps – it doesn’t get much better!   Then, for some contest shape badassness, check out the lovely Tabitha Borland from the North Americans, doing some full body posing and showing off those amazing quads!

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6 Videos added to the HDPhysiques Members Area! Bonus Media Coverage!

The 2019 Optimum Classic is featured in today’s Bonus Media Section update – JOIN NOW for amazing bikini glutes and powerful Physique Muscles!

Hey muscle fans!   If you like some sexy female muscle backstage in the pumproom, in addition to that majestic display of muscle on stage…. we’ve got a killer update for you today!   6 New clips added to the members area in the Bonus Media section, starting off with 2 more added on the page of the 2019 Optimum Classic, showing off both WPD muscle, as well as sexy bikini girl glutes!    Then, we also added 2 more on the page of the 2019 Omaha Pro, featuring some of the best bodybuilders and physique competitors in the world.   Then finally, single clips added on the pages of the 2019 STL Pro, and the 2020 Arnold Classic.

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Hey gang, we’ve got a NICE big update for our mid-week update this week.   First up, we’ve got one new clip each on the pages of Jonquil Baugh, and Jana Lane – 2 of our most popular shoots this fall.   Massively ripped, and hot and sexy – these 2 muscle girls have it all!   Then, over in our Bonus Media section, we’ve got another new page added, this time featuring the first 5 videos from the 2016 Omaha Pro Show!   Yes, we know that we should’ve released this page 3 years ago…. but for one reason or another, newer projects kept getting in the way.   Thankfully, our new video editor is really helping us get caught up, and over the next few months, we will be able to get a LOT of new material out there, especially some of these hot bodybuilding and physique shows from the past 2-3 yrs.  Thanks for your patience!

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6 NEW Videos Added to HDPhysiques and NEW Bonus Media Page!

Check out that POWERFUL lineup of WPD competitors!  See new pics and vids now on the new 2018 Omaha Pro page!

Check out that POWERFUL lineup of WPD competitors! See new pics and vids now on the new 2018 Omaha Pro page!

Today, we have a BIG update at HDPhysiques!   First up, a new video added on the Blakelee Ortega page, featuring her gorgeously muscular legs from her late July shoot at HDPhysiques headquarters (St. Louis).   But THEN, the big news for today, is a new bonus media page for the 2018 Omaha Pro Show!   We’ve got over 40 videos on the way for this page, and today we start off with the first 5, and the first 3 galleries, which includes some backstage pump action, some on-stage Physique Olympians, and some sexy bikini girls too!

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Sexy Blakelee Ortega showing off some amazing legs - JOIN HDPhysiques now for more amazing videos like this one!

Sexy Blakelee Ortega showing off some amazing legs – JOIN HDPhysiques now for more amazing videos like this one!

Physique Competitor Kayla Bradford is our Newest Model

Fresh off of her 1st place win in Novice Physique at the 2016 Omaha Duel of Champions, we are proud to present the gorgeous Kayla Bradford, NPC Physique Competitor, as our newest model. This was a photos only shoot (other than the video preview clip), but don’t worry, we’ve got an awesome video shoot planned for her in July, when she will be even leaner leading into her show in Phoenix, AZ. A total natural in front of the camera, we are sure you’ll enjoy these amazing galleries (and videos to come) and have no doubt she will become a staple here at HDPhysiques! Also in today’s update, new videos of Sydni Watson and Mascha Tieken! So, enjoy this great update and new model, and stay tuned for more next week as the summer continues to heat up!