5 NEW CLIPS added in Today’s Members Section Update! Plus NEW MODEL Coming Monday!

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Hey Gang!   We are off to “Miami Nationals” in Orlando this week/weekend.   We’ve got a lot of new talent to shoot there and look forward to bringing you some of the best and brightest new stars in female muscle!   Due to our busy travel, we are doing this mid-week update, and then our next update/new model will come on Monday next week (the 20th).   And then another update before Christmas!  It’s a great time to BE A MEMBER at HDPhysiques and take advantage of our holiday savings!

For today’s update, we’ve got 5 new clips added to the members area that you will be sure to enjoy!   For some killer RIPPED muscle, check out the new clips on the page of IFBB Womens Physique Pro, Ann Gruber!   Then, for big FBB muscle, head over to the page of TX girl, Amanda Baldwin.   Then for ripped contest shape figure, you’ll love the unreal sexy Natasha Clark.   And finally, for some cute “girl next door” muscle, you’ll love the offseason look of figure competitor Ally Norton!

Be sure to check out all the phenomenal happenings on our sister site, as well as the new clips in the studios of Brooke, Katie, and Dena Westerfield, over at HDPhysiques.TV!

Super SEXY New Muscle! Join HDPhysiques now for the sultry muscle vixen, Natasha Clark!

There’s ALL NEW photos and videos over in the Dena Westerfield Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – click here to check it out. More on the way, too!