Members Update – 6 New Clips Added to HDP!

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Fans of QUADS and CALVES – check it out!   We’ve got 2 new clips (out of 6 total today) added to the members section that will be sure to please.   First up…. quad lovers are gonna freak over the tremendously ripped and shredded quads of figure pro and Olympian, Felisha Livezey 2.   Then, for both quads, calves, and glutes…. you’re gonna love the new clip from Wildhorse Gym featuring Jessica Chapa 2 – some of the finest meat-grinders in the midwest!    Then, for more bonus media contest coverage, check out the new clips on the pages of the 2019 Legions Sports Fest, featuring the top figure pros, and then on the 2019 STL Pro, featuring Brooke Walker squaring off against Natalia Coelho!