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Just to keep you up to date on what’s going on at some of our sister sites… just added 2 new videos of some huge muscle power! First, on the Katie Lee and Tanya Hyde at AussieFit Gym page, you’ll see a super impressive clip of Tanya doing pullups showing off her amazing power, then some sexy flexing. Next up… biceps peak princess Allison Schmohl flexing her CRAZY HOT biceps peaks on the page of Katie Lee and Allison Schmohl – BICEPS BATTLE, the weekend that Alli won her pro card at Jr. USA’s. Thank you for showing your support by joining! Then, over at the by, there’s another amazing new video in the Dani Reardon Studio, flexing in CRAZY HOT contest shape – vascular and ripped beyond belief!

HDPhysiques adds new videos of Rachael Loftis, Alli Schmohl, & Dani Reardon!

Today, HDPhysiques has new clips on the pages of the ultra-muscular Rachael Loftis 2, super sexy sponsored athlete, Allison Schmohl, and everybody’s favorite muscle cutie, Dani Reardon 2. Sign up for HDPhysiques today!

TWO Amazing New Models Added! 18-year old Taylor and RIPPED Crystal!


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It’s a rare treat today at HDPhysiques – not only is it new model Friday… but we’ve got TWO new hot models to unveil…. First, our 2nd shoot with the ultra-ripped Crystal Wass 2. She’s so lean, she’s fighting for the title of “Shred Queen” with a select just a select few in the industry. Her conditioning is simply PEELED, courtesy of her excellent coaches, Gordon Falcetti and the beautiful Jamie Pinder (we’ve seen HER CONDITIONING here at HDPhysiques before, haven’t we?!!!). Next up, a very special new model in 18-year-old Taylor Iraggi. Here, she’s in offseason shape from last weekend’s Team Universe competition where we met up with her. It’s rare to find this much muscle on such a young athlete! Bright things ahead for this one in the WPD category, folks – be on the look out for her!

4 New members section vids of Aly Dallas and Lisa Grasso

Today, check out the new videos added to the pages of the gorgeous Alyson Dallyson 3 and ultra-ripped and shredded Lisa Grasso. OMG, the glutes, the legs, the forearms, the biceps…. these girls are just out of control with phenomenal muscle! Also stay tuned for another hot new model coming on Friday. We’ve got some phenomenal shoots under our belts here lately, and we can’t wait to show off all these hot new muscle girls here at HDPhysiques! JOIN NOW!

19-yr-old Shanique Grant & Brooke Walker – New Vids at!

Over on our sister site, you’ll want to check out the new galleries and video clips added, featuring the STUNNING new 19-year-old Figure Sensation – Shanique Grant! Also, 3 new galleries and a new clip of the ultra-muscular and absolutely RIPPED Brooke Walker – IFBB Pro Physique. Remember, you can get $4.00 off a membership by “opting in” for an additional PremiumPhysiques membership when you Join HDPhysiques

HDPhysiques posts new vids of Tish Shelton, Alli Schmohl, & Tarna Alderman

Today, HDPhysiques added 2 new videos on the page for Tarna Alderman 2, as well as new clips on the pages of HDPhysiques sponsored athlete, Allison Schmohl, and the sexy southerner, Tish Shelton. Enjoy this awesome update! We hope that you are enjoying and appreciating the newly re-designed!

HDPhysiques Presents New Model Tina “La Titan” Wilson!

Our newest model is the sexy and cute Tina La Titan Wilson. Packed with power, this thick, dense, muscular superwoman has extremely strong muscles and loves to show them off and flex. Rarely will you find this combination of cute and sassy, sultry and sexy, and supremely powerful and athleteic, in one package. Quite simply, she melts the camera. You’re going to love the new photos and videos on the Titan’s model page, and there’s more on the way! She’s the perfect model to kick off the newly re-designed!

7/08/2015 – HOLY SHIT! – CRAZY RIPPED new Dani Reardon video at!!!

The new video in the Dani Reardon Studio must be seen to be believed! TOTALLY RIPPED! Plus a new Crystasl Wass photo set in the HDPhysiques Studio

7/07/2015 – 4 new stunning clips added to the HDP members section, featuring Alyson Dallas & Rosie Harte!

See 2 new clips each on the pages of Alyson Dallas 3 and Rosie Harte 2. Enjoy this hot update now by joining HDPhysiques!

Happy 4th of July weekend from HDPhysiques! Check out our latest model, the STUNNING Heather Barbee!

You’re gonna love the 3 new members galleries on the page for new model, Heather Barbee. Check this muscular beauty out! Stay tuned for more updates as we cover this weekend’s Team Universe Competition in New Jersey. Wishing good luck to all the amazing competitors, especially HDPhysiques athletes Katie Lee & Alyson Dallas! Happy 4th of July Weekend everyone!