FREAKING UNREAL – Tanya adds new guest model Autumn Swansen to – READ THIS!

New news announcement from our partner Tanya at – “From Illinois, my newest guest model is the Stunning and Shredded, AUTUMN SWANSEN!!! She seriously has one of the most insane physiques I’ve ever seen. My mind is blown. Can’t wait to see how she does in a few weeks at the 2015 St. Louis Pro Show, sponsored by HDPhysiques! You may know her from her fitness days… but now she’s in Physique and she’s looking to do some damage! Thank you for joining and showing your support!” – Tanya


New model Lisa Grasso – RIPPED and SHREDDED beyond belief! Holy shit, JOIN TODAY for this one, folks!

New model, Lisa Grasso, an IFBB Pro Physique competitor who we met up with at the Tampa Pro…. holy hell… she is RIPPED and SHREDDED as FUK! Look at those striations in her chest and shoulders. And my wow, some of the biggest, tightest ripped glutes you’ll ever see! If you’re not already a member here at HDP, you’re gonna want to join for this one, folks! Her model page starts off with 4 videos, and 3 photo galleries, with much more on the way!