19-year-old PHENOM Alyssa Nemes is our newest model!

Say hello to new HDPhysiques model, the tremendous 19-year-old Figure Phenom Alyssa Nemes! We have been trying to line up a shoot with her since last years 2014 Nationals, and finally got our shot at the recent 2015 NPC Universe Competition in Northern New Jersey. Alyssa is packing on tons of muscle as a figure competitor, so we really wouldn’t be surprised at all to see her transition into Women’s Physique at some point over the next year. She possesses super thick powerful legs, rock hard biceps, and some of the best abs we’ve seen since Asha Hadley! JOIN HDPhysiques now for the first 3 videos and 4 members section photo galleries, with more on the way! Alyssa knows how to flex, and looks amazing on camera – be expecting much more of this young lady as an emerging HDPhysiques superstar!

MASSIVE Margie Martin - NEW at the Awefilms Studio at

MASSIVE Margie Martin, NEW CHAMPION, now available at!

Margie Martin, new FBB Champion, looking absolutely HUGE and POWERFUL - get this HOT video today at's Awefilms Studio!

Margie Martin, new FBB Champion, looking absolutely HUGE and POWERFUL – get this HOT video today at’s Awefilms Studio!

OH MY GOODNESS! Check out the new video of the GIGANTIC and ENORMOUSLY POWERFUL Margie Martin in the Awefilms Studio at Margie just won the brand new Rising Phoenix Championship in San Antonio, TX last weekend, and in this video you can certainly see why! This is simply eye-popping, jaw dropping muscle, shocking to say the least! Ripped shredded muscle, thick powerful muscularity, and freaky vascularity. Margie is now simply the best of the best. If you’re a fan of female muscle at it’s BIGGEST, this is a “must get” video!


SEXY muscles – Aly Dallas & Dani Reardon vids added! Plus new Awefilms vids at


Naughty Nuriye flexing HUGE muscle at


Junell Robinson – Pec Power and more – HUGE, RIPPED muscle!

Gorgeous sexy muscles! New video clips of Dani Reardon 2 and Alyson Dallyson 3 have been added to the HDPhysiques members section!  If you love biceps, wow, you’re in for a treat here. Aly and Dani have both put on a ton of muscle this year and look amazing while flexing and posing their rock hard guns!

Then, head over to the Awefilms Studio at, the FemaleMuscleStore, where you’ll find 2 new videos posted from Awefilms featuring the MASSIVE MUSCLES of Nuriye Evans and Junell Robinson – HUGE and MASSIVE MUSCLE!


Rare Bikini Muscle at HDPhysiques – Jamie Collins has it ALL!

Join for new model Jamie Collins - rare bikini muscle at HDP! - look at those abs!

Join for new model Jamie Collins – rare bikini muscle at HDP! – look at those abs!

It’s very rare for HDPhysiques to feature a bikini model…. usually we prefer lots of beef around here. However, bikini competitor Jamie Collins caught out attention earlier this year at the Emerald Cup, and then we finally shot with her a couple weeks ago in Vegas after the USA’s. Jamie has made the cut for HDPhysiques, and did so in impressive fashion. She has some of the hottest abs seen on ANY level athlete. Plus, shapely delts, peaked biceps, and absolutely gorgeous muscular legs. See the Jamie Collins Model Page for 4 amazing galleries of nearly 200 images in the HDPhysiques members section! We hope you enjoy these amazing photos of a very rare physical specimen and thoroughbred athlete!


New videos of HDP Athlete Allison Schmohl – HUGE ARMS!

If you’re a fan of beautiful young women with enormous biceps…look no further than the stunning model page for HDPhysiques-sponsored athlete Allison Schmohl! Wow, those guns have got to be seen to be believed! Enjoy these hot 2 hot new videos on her page, and then get ready for another video update and new muscle model coming on Friday. It’s been a HOT summer at HDPhysiques! Also, if you are looking for even more Alli Schmohl, remember, you can find more of her on our sister site,!


Click for the latest happenings at & PremiumPhysiques!


The Studio at now features RIPPED Diana Schnaidt


The FemaleCityFlex Studio at with new clips of Lea Wiehl and more!


Dani Reardon, the “Lil Monstar” keeps stocking her Clips Studio with amazing powerful muscle videos!


Shanique Grant has absolutely stunning shape – only the finest in the world at – JOIN NOW!

There’s lots going on at HDPhysiques lately! In addition to the crazy hot new models we’ve been releasing here on HDPhysiques, we also have our partner sites cranking out some outstanding content as well. For instance, over at, there’s been new videos added of Erin “Twiggy” Twiggs-Hutchinson and the ridiculous 19-year-old Figure Sensation, Shanique Grant, as well as the impressively muscled Tanya on the Tanya and Katie at AussieFit Gym page. Then, on the Clips Store, there’s been some amazing updates in the Female City Flex Studio featuring Kashma Maharaj and Lea Wiehl, as well as new Lil Monstar in the Dani Reardon Studio. Finally, 2 amazing new clips of Diana Schnaidt and Hailey McGrath in the Studio. So be sure to check out and the FemaleMuscleStore by and get the most incredible access to the world of HOT and SEXY female muscle!