17+” Biceps – Check out the NEW Katie Lee Measurements at!

BOOM - stretching the tape to over 17".  Get these measurements and more from the Katie Lee's Peak Power Studio at, the FemaleMuscleStore!

BOOM – stretching the tape to over 17″. Get these measurements and more from the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio at, the FemaleMuscleStore!

Katie’s Massive Biceps continue to GROW! Katie just sent us another amazing video for her Clips Store, of her recent trip to Florida with fellow HDPhysiques spokesperson, Anneth Gunshow! And this one is special, folks! First, Annie runs the camera while Katie does some freestyle posing, showing off her ever-growing muscles! Then, Annie jumps in and does ALL NEW Measurements of Katie’s massive money-makers, and more! So, in one clip, you’ll get Katie posing and flexing, plus new measurements of the biceps, wide back, and quads. Get this new video today in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio and enjoy the ultimate Queen of Peak, folks!

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New GALLERY of Tara Suzanne & 2 new Vids – Julia Martin & Ashley Losee!

You’ll love today’s variety… check out the offseason photo gallery of physique athlete and HDP fan-favorite, Tara Suzanne. Then, if you want to see some strong gym work, check out the top national level physique competitor Julie Martin as she works her hammies. Finally, for some sexy BIG figure pro muscle posing, you’ll love the new clip of triceps, biceps, and legs, of the exotic Ashley Losee. Enjoy these amazing ladies today by being a member of! The best is yet to come!

4 AMAZING new videos added to the Members Section!

Today’s members section update includes new videos on the pages of the 2016 HDPhysiques Quad Squad, and recently added models, Cynthia Jansen, Jamie Chizmar, and Julie Martin. Enjoy this sensational update of a wide variety of female muscle models!

The Shannon Courtney videos you’ve been waiting for – now at!

Look at those massive arms!  See the Shannon Courtney Clips store for 3 brand new videos of posing, flexing, and blasting those amazing arms!

Look at those massive arms! See the Shannon Courtney Clips store for 3 brand new videos of posing, flexing, and blasting those amazing arms!

Over in the Shannon Courtney Clips Studio at, you’ll find 3 BRAND NEW videos…. ones you’ve been waiting for! Shannon blasting her biceps in the gym, then some POWERFUL flexing and posing! Shot by HDPhysiques on our recent trip to Phoenix, the quality of these powerful muscle clips are just what you want to see! Shannon, despite having retired from competing in bodybuilding, remains the best combination of beautiful feminine looks with BIG, thick, powerful strong muscles! Get these 3 awesome, newest clips today, at, the Female Muscle Store!

SEXY muscles – Aly Dallas & Dani Reardon vids added! Plus new Awefilms vids at


Naughty Nuriye flexing HUGE muscle at


Junell Robinson – Pec Power and more – HUGE, RIPPED muscle!

Gorgeous sexy muscles! New video clips of Dani Reardon 2 and Alyson Dallyson 3 have been added to the HDPhysiques members section!  If you love biceps, wow, you’re in for a treat here. Aly and Dani have both put on a ton of muscle this year and look amazing while flexing and posing their rock hard guns!

Then, head over to the Awefilms Studio at, the FemaleMuscleStore, where you’ll find 2 new videos posted from Awefilms featuring the MASSIVE MUSCLES of Nuriye Evans and Junell Robinson – HUGE and MASSIVE MUSCLE!

HDP adds videos of Dani Reardon and Kylie in our members section – JOIN TODAY!

See new videos of the Lil Monstar, Dani Reardon 2, and new model Kylie Vandenbrand, now available in the HDPhysiques members section! And stay tuned for a new model coming on Friday… just a hint… she’s got amazing arms!