HUGE UPDATE – Massive 2017 Arnold Sports Festival Galleries added!

Today in the members section, find over 250 new photos, including RIPPED CONTEST SHOTS of hugely muscled physique women, now available on the 2017 Arnold Bonus Media Page. Also, we are working fast editing the photos and videos from a brand new shoot with the hottest IFBB Pro Fitness woman on earth, the amazingly sexy Ariel Khadr! So, join HDPhysiques today and don’t miss the best female muscle in the world!


4 NEW members area videos added – Ashley Losee & Rachel Killam!

Today, in our members section, you’ll find a new video of Rachel Killam working and flexing her meaty arms. Then, 3 new clips on the recently added Ashley Losee 4 model page! Two gorgeous figure women with amazing physiques in the offseason. Stay tuned for new contest shape pics and videos coming up from Ashley Losee, plus more work with Rachel Killam later this Spring and Summer as we have much work planned with her! Thank you for your support of HDPhysiques!


Videos of Cheryl Faust & LMC added to the Members Area – JOIN Today!

Today we’ve added 2 new clips on the pages of Cheryl Faust 2 and Lisa Marie Campbell. Cheryl has some of the craziest legs you’ll see – massive size and deeply cut, kind of like our recently added model Paula Francis (very similar shape, in fact!). Then, with LMC, she starts out with some leg posing of her own, then follows with some sexy abdominals, along the Miami river. Thank you for joining HDPhysiques!


Lisa Marie Campbell – SUPER SEXY VIXEN – is our Newest Model!


Join HDPhysiques NOW for the stunning new model, figure competitor Lisa Marie Campbell!

The gorgeous looks of Lisa Marie Campbell will be sure to brighten your day! Check out those biceps and glutes! Among the best in figure. Her sexy flexing and muscle posing is among the best in the industry and we are thrilled to have her join the model lineup here at HDPhysiques. New shoots with her coming VERY SOON too! So be on the lookout! Her new model page kicks off with 4 awesome videos, plus 3 galleries of HOT photos – Thanks for supporting HDPhysiques!


3 Vids Added to Members Section – Mascha Tieken, Chloe Sannito, & Jacqueline Hickerson!

Today we’ve added 3 new videos in the HDP members section. First up, check out the MONSTER quads on young 21-year-old Chloe Sannito. Then, be amazed at the jaw-dropping conditioning of rock hard Mascha Tieken. Then, finally, sexy and exotic muscle vixen Jacqueline Hickerson on the page for the 2016 HDPhysiques Quad Squad, where she’s training and flexing her beautiful biceps! Get on board at HDPhysiques and see all these amazing videos and photos today!


The HDPhysiques “Quad Squad” is here! – New Bonus Media Page added

The ultra-impressive 2016 HDPhysiques Quad Squad is here! 3 amazing ladies got together for some shoots a couple weeks ago here at HDPhysiques headquarters in St. Louis. Meet Jacqueline Hickerson, Lynette Audrey, and our veteran sponsored athlete, Alli Schmohl! The “Quad Squad” may be known for their gorgeous legs, but on this day, we filmed a full body workout, and each girl brought something unique to the table. They were exhausted by the end of the workout. 3 powerful women, moving lots of weight, and looking killer while doing it! JOIN HDPhysiques now and don’t miss a thing!