Our Newest Model is the Ultra Impressive “Steadfast” Sarah Bruce!

Fresh off of her top 5 finish in her Figure class at the 2017 NPC Jr. Nationals, “Steadfast” Sarah Bruce is here to wow the HDPhysiques crowd with her ultra impressive physique – featuring some of the best biceps, quads, and calves in all of the NPC Figure Division!   This short shoot from Saturday morning, in between prejudging finals and Saturday night finals, was one of the highlights of our weekend in Chicago.  We had been waiting to shoot with Sarah for quite some time, dating back to last year, and after missing out at the Arnold, we were finally able to make it happen.  We know you will enjoy the first 4 videos and 2 photo galleries – more on the way!


BIG UPDATE – 5 new videos added to the HDP members area!

Today, we’ve got 5 new clips for you.  Check them out on the pages of Ashley Losee 4,  the 2017 St. Louis Pro Bonus Media Page, and the super impressive figure competitor, Lena Paternoster!

We just got back from the Omaha Pro.  We’ve got tons of new shoots and contest coverage pics and videos on the way from the Orlando Europa and the Omaha Pro.  It’s a busy month, with the Jr. Nationals later this week, then 2 more shows before the end of the month.  It’s a great time to be a member at HDPhysiques!


Wendy Fortino is our Newest Model! Plus Brooke Walker in 4K!

Join HDPhysiques now for new model Wendy Fortino!

Join HDPhysiques now for new model Wendy Fortino!

Hey folks, check it out!   We waited about 10 years to get to shoot with new model Wendy Fortino, but we were FINALLY able to align our schedules and make it happen at the recent 2017 St. Louis Pro Show.   Wendy won the Pro Figure Division of the show and got herself qualified for the 2017 Olympia in Las Vegas, NV.

Check out the new Wendy Fortino model page for 3 videos, and the first 3 galleries (more on the way!).

In other news, you need to make sure you head over to Brooke Walker’s Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV (the Female Muscle Store) and see the latest from the Arkansas Ranger!   How about those stunning muscles in 4K resolution?  WOW!   Beautiful Blonde, with biceps, powerful legs, vascular ripped muscle – what more can you ask for?  Get the latest from the Brooke Walker Clips Studio today!

4K resolution - Stunning, BIG powerful muscle in the highest detail possible - get it today at the Brooke Walker Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

4K resolution – Stunning, BIG powerful muscle in the highest detail possible – get it today at the Brooke Walker Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!


SUPER SEXY New Muscle Model – Lena Paternoster!

Join HDPhysiques now for phenomenal new model, NPC Figure Competitor Lena Paternoster!

Join HDPhysiques now for phenomenal new model, NPC Figure Competitor Lena Paternoster!

Lena Paternoster, NPC Figure Competitor, was a fabulous new model shoot a few weeks ago in Philly. Rock hard, muscular, and lean, she is competing this weekend in the 2017 NPC Jr. USA’s in Charleston SC.  This Jersey girl is a beast in the gym as our shoot will show.   Video shot with the HDPhysiques gimbal yields phenomenal professional results, and makes the muscle that much better!  Biceps, calves, quads, and more….. Lena is quite impressive as our pics and vids will show – Enjoy this amazing new model – check out the Lena Paternoster Model Page now!

Our next update will be Tuesday May 23rd, as we are in Orlando this weekend covering the Orlando Europa Pro Show.  But stay tuned to the HDPhysiques instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages for live updates from Ariel Khadr and Rachel Killam reporting from the show!


Members Update with 4 Vids of Ashley Losee & Jacqueline Hickerson!

Today, we have some gym vid updates with 2 very impressive ladies.  First up, the late January 2017 shoot with figure superpower Ashley Losee, where you’ll see her training delts, then posing for photos with amazing photographer Steve Smith!  Then, for both biceps and QUADS, see the bonus media page for the 2016 HDPhysiques Quad Squad, and you’ll see big, meaty, powerful physique competitor Jacqueline Hickerson training hard and flexing for you!

Of course, stay tuned for more updates this week, and another new model coming Friday like usual.  Then, if you’re in the midwest, you should make plans to attend the following weekend’s St. Louis Pro Show!  HDPhysiques is a proud sponsor for the Women’s Physique Division for the 5th (or is it the 6th?) consecutive year.   By supporting HDPhysiques, you’re helping support the sport as we give back to the muscle ladies and the industry, putting on a fantastic show along with promoters Jack & Ann Titone.  So come on down to the St. Louis Union Station April 14-15th and cheer on some of your favorite women’s physique competitors, such as Brooke Walker, Tara Silzer, Jill Diorio and more!


Members area updated with New Galleries & Vids!

The members area has been updated today with new videos of Ashley Losee 4, Autumn Cleveland 3, and Caitlin Corry. We’ve also added another gallery on the Autumn Cleveland 3 page. Stunningly hot models, and more on the way! Check back for more updates this week, and a new model page for sponsored athlete Ariel Khadr coming on Friday! This exotic Fitness Pro beauty is unbelievable, folks!


NEW MODEL PAGE for HDP fan favorite, Autumn Cleveland!

Today, we take a look at our 3rd and 4th shoots with HDPhysiques favorite, the unbelievably gorgeous Autumn Cleveland.  Shot late 2016 at the North Americans, where she was in contest shape, then a few weeks later off-season, when we met up at the 2016 Olympia.  She’s packed on some more quality muscle and is looking better than ever, and on this new page, you’ll see both contest shape and off-season fullness.  One of the hottest young figure muscle models in the world today.  JOIN HDPhysiques today for the best in female muscle!