We’ve INCREASED our Daily Download Amounts – Plus New Vids of Killam & Khadr!

Big news, in listening to our customers feedback, we’ve increased our daily bandwidth meter to now allow up to 4 GB of downloads per day, up from the 2.5 GB (often 3 GB realized) limit we’ve had in place for many years. Enjoy more videos and get more value from your HD Membership. We’ll also be increasing the limit on PremiumPhysiques as well!

For today’s update, we’ve got new clips on the recently added model pages of Rachel Killam and her partner in crime, the stunning IFBB Pro Fitness Competitor, Ariel Khadr! Thanks for joining HDPhysiques – enjoy these amazing videos and stay tuned for new model Friday – an incredible and massive FBB!


Phenomenal New Clips of Katie Lee & Christina Thome – Join HDPhysiques today!

IreneAnderseninChicago012 of our hottest model pages of 2016 now updated with 2 more clips each – first up, check out the super muscular legs and and biceps of sexy Christina Thome! Then, HDPhysiques sponsored athlete, Katie 024 Lee!!! Join HDPhysiques now for these amazing clips and thousands and thousands more!

Also, over at the FemaleMuscleStore by, check out the newest clip added by the FemaleCityFlex Studio! It’s the ENORMOUS Irene Anderson flexing her super serious sized muscles just for you! Check out all the recent updates at the newly remodeled FemaleMuscleStore today!


Monday’s Members Update – New Vids of Moyer, Jansen, & Rosie Joseph

You will no doubt be impressed with the awesome videos today. First, for biceps fans, check out the killer clip of gorgeous Christine Moyer. Then, if you like big beefy quads, on amazon-like powerful tall girls, check out the quad flexing clip on the page of Cynthia Jansen. Finally, if calves are your thing, you’ll be blown away at the razor sharp calves of Rosela Joseph. Simply phenomenal!


CALVES QUEEN Kass Kemmis Has Her Own Studio at!

Those calves are CRAZY HOT!  Check out the new Kassie Kemmis Crazy Calves Clips Studio at, the FemaleMuscleStore!

Those calves are CRAZY HOT! Check out the new Kassie Kemmis Crazy Calves Clips Studio at, the FemaleMuscleStore!

BRAND NEW at, the FemaleMuscleStore – we’d like to introduce the Kassie Kemmis Crazy Calves Clips Studio! As a top figure pro who turned pro at the 2014 NPC Nationals, Kassie has been developing her physique into one of the most impressive displays of muscle on the scene today, with legs that are 2nd to none! Always known for her crazy, razor-sharp calves, she also has beautiful perky-peaked biceps, thick triceps, and some of the cutest and most beautiful “girl next door” looks you’ll ever see. This is how they grow ’em in Montana, folks! Get the first 7 clips now, and much more on the way as Kassie updates her studio!


New Vids and Pics of Lauranda Nall, Christine Moyer & Diana Schnaidt – JOIN NOW!

Are Diana Schnaidt's legs ripped enough for you?  Wow!

Are Diana Schnaidt’s legs ripped enough for you? Wow!

In today’s HDPhysiques members section update, see new video clips of the amazing Diana Schnaidt and Christine Moyer, both showing off absolutely PHENOMENAL contest-shape legs! Then, see the Lauranda Nall model page for 3 new off-season photo galleries, where she looks incredibly thick and powerful, not to mention, beautiful!


New vids of Diana Schnaidt & Christine Moyer in the HDP Members Section!

Our members section has been updated with killer new videos of Christine Moyer 5, showing off her incredibly MASSIVE legs and ripped upper body, and Diana Schnaidt, in an all upper body clip showing some of the most ripped biceps and back you’ll ever see. This girl is SHREDDED! Stay tuned for more amazing videos this Wednesday and Friday, and our newest model coming on Friday. It’s a great time to be a member of HDPhysiques!!!


STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS Holland Canter kicks off 2016 – ROCK HARD MUSCLE!

Look at how gorgeous this stunning woman of muscle is! Join HDPhysiques today for the amazing Holland Canter!

Look at how gorgeous this stunning woman of muscle is! Join HDPhysiques today for the amazing Holland Canter!

The impressive NPC Figure Competitor Holland Canter is the latest model at HDPhysiques! This recent shoot from Miami was a treat for HDPhysiques, as we had never had the opportunity to shoot with this amazing athlete. We finally got our chance and made the most of it! Holland certainly impressed us. Her world class legs are among the best we’ve ever shot, and her impressively muscular forearms and biceps show that she means serious business in the gym. When you add in her stunning looks, infectious smile, and fun personality, you can see why this shoot was just pure magic. Check out the new Holland Canter model page for the first 4 videos and 3 photo galleries, with more on the way! Happy New Year from HDPhysiques!


PremiumPhysiques adds Lauranda Nall – Muscle in Miami!

Join PremiumPhysiques for the latest shoot with stunning 22-year-old Lauranda Nall!

Join PremiumPhysiques for the latest shoot with stunning 22-year-old Lauranda Nall!

Over at our sister site,, customers are in for a treat today! Check out the new page, Lauranda Nall – Muscle in Miami, for some sizzlin’ photos and vids of our newest sponsored athlete and B-class Women’s Physique Competitor! This 22-year-old muscle mermaid is turning heads in the industry at the moment, and we expect some major things from her in 2016 as she aims for her pro card in Women’s Physique! Join the PremiumPhysiques members section now when you sign up for HDPhysiques and take advantage of the $4.00/month off combo offer!


BIG RIPPED MUSCLE – The Christine Moyer 4 model page is added!

You guys are going to absolutely LOVE all the photos and videos on the way on the new Christine Moyer 4 model page! Our latest shoot with fan favorite “C-Mo” kicks off with the first 4 videos and 3 photo galleries today, and there’s more on the way! This shoot was recently done when Christine placed 5th place in Class D of the 2015 North Americans in Pittsburgh, PA. We are also shooting more with Christine this weekend, and then again in Miami at the final National-level show of the year, The NPC National Championships. Wish her luck! And now, enjoy the awesome new Christine Moyer 4 model page!