NEW STUDIO - Jill "The Oreo" Diorio - amazing Calves SuperGoddess - get her amazing vids today!

New Studio at the Female Muscle Store – CALVES GALORE featuring Jill Diorio!

Holy shit - look at those legs!  DEADLY!  - Get them today in the Jill Diorio Calves Galore Studio at!

Holy shit – look at those legs! DEADLY! – Get them today in the Jill Diorio Calves Galore Studio at!

NEW STUDIO Announcement over at, the Female Muscle Store! Check out the first 3 amazing new videos (many more to come) in the Jill Diorio – CALVES GALORE, Clips Studio at, the Female Muscle Store!

Jill, without question, has some of the biggest calves we’ve ever filmed.  She’s right up there with Popa, Armbrust, Schultz, Boswell, and the rest.  And to top it all off…. she is RIPPED even in the offseason.  You won’t believe the new stuff we are shooting with her this weekend at the STL Pro, too!   Shredded, chiseled, vascular.  You name it…. she’s got it!

Leg fans look out!  Proceed to with caution – you’ve been warned!


New Model Jayme Ribar Packs on the MUSCLE!

Check out the model page for new model Jayme Ribar! The first 3 clips and 3 galleries are up, with the usual free samples. This girl, a former bodybuilder, wowed us with her transition to physique. This photo and video footage from Jr USA’s shows some awesome thickness, and impressive vascularity. Jayme brings the muscle!


HUGE FBB – New Model Paula Francis – Click here for more!

Head over to the Female Muscle Store's Studio for an awesome new video of Ashley Losee!

Head over to the Female Muscle Store’s Studio for an awesome new video of Ashley Losee!

Today, we are proud to present awesome FBB, Paula Francis, as our latest model. On the new Paula Francis Model Page, you’ll find the 2 members section galleries, plus the first 4 videos (more on the way!), and the usual free sample content. Also, when you sign up for HDPhysiques, be sure to click to “opt-in” for PremiumPhysiques, as we’ve got lots of new content coming soon there, with our sponsored athletes such as Brooke Walker, Alli Schmohl, Katie Lee, and many more!

In other news, over on the FemaleMuscleStore, by HDPhysiquesTV, you’ll see a NEW VIDEO of the stunning and powerful figure pro, Ashley Losee, in the Clips Studio. A simply stunningly gorgeous young lady, with full, ripped muscle! You’ll want to get this hot clip today!


Well-Muscled Julie Martin is our New Model!

Missouri based Women’s Physique Competitor, Julie Martin, is our newest model here at HDPhysiques! Check out her new model page with the first 5 videos added, as well as 2 muscle-pumping photo galleries! Awesome development in the quads, calves, back and delts, we have a feeling you’ll be seeing Julie on a pro stage by this time next year. For now, wish her luck as she competes today (July 16) in the Missouri State Bodybuilding Championships!