6 more members section clips added – Brandi Galindo, Crystal Wass, and coverage of the 2015 Arnold and STL Pro!

Check out new video of Dani Reardon and Leila Thompson on the 2015 St. Louis Pro Show Bonus Media Page. Then, the amazing strength of the pole fitness girls from the 2015 Arnold Fitness Expo. And then, 1 new clip each on the pages of models Brandi Galindo and Crystal Wass. Enjoy this great update and stay tuned for a new model on Friday!


HUGE VIDEO UPDATE! – 10 new clips, some up to 7 minutes long, added to the members section! – JOIN HDPhysiques now!

Check out the first 8 videos of our coverage of the 2015 St. Louis Pro Show, featuring some behind the scenes and pumproom footage, as well as interviews by Lauren Dean, Alyson Dallas, and Katie Lee. Also new vids on the model pages of Lisa Grasso and Rosie Harte. Hopefully this huge amount of video makes up for missing the some the last few updates – enjoy, folks! – HDP